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Frequently Asked Questions

embroidery machine

Embroidery is a technique to embellish your fabrics or clothes with the help of a needle and thread. Moreover, you can add more materials such as quills, beads, sequins that add more beauty to your crafts.

With the advancement of technology, the embroidery methods are also changed from hand embroidery to machine embroidery. Now you can embroidery easily on hats, caps, shirts, towels, blankets, etc.

You can start embroidery by having the following items on the list.
1- An embroidery hoop
2- Set of embroidery needles
3- The fabric or piece of cloth you want to embroider
4- A scissor
6- Embroidery floss
8- A marker for creating designs

Here are some types of embroidery
1- Needlepoint
2- Cross stitch

3- Cutwork
4- Huck Embroidery
5- Punch Needle Embroidery

Learning embroidery is not rocket socket science. You can easily learn at home without taking physical embroidery classes. Just you have to watch beginner tutorials on Youtube and practice your own, creating something on your own after watching. In a month or two, you will easily know the basics.

Embroidery can be expensive or not depending on the method you are adopting, whether you are embroidering by hand or with an embroidery machine.
Hand embroidery will cost less as you need only a hoop, embroidery flosses, needles to start with but in the case of large projects you have to buy an embroidery machine which will cost you more.
With the advancement of technology, advancement also
occurs in the field of embroidery in the form of professional embroidery machines. which let you done any complex task easily. Now, whether you want to embroider dress shirts, hats, caps, or towels it facilitates you perfectly.