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Hello, My name is Emma Megan, a sewer & embroider by passion. Welcome to my website Embroik.com where I used to share the latest tips & guides about sewing & embroidery along with the unbiased product reviews that will help to choose the best product to be more productive.

Embroidery is a strong passion that enables you to show your creativity in the form of embellished crafts. To perform a simple task you can do embroidery by hand to adorn your fabrics but for the complex tasks, you have to move towards the machine embroidery.

I have been embroidering & sewing since I was 10, and currently living in Maryland and running my own embroidery business. With a professional team of more than 25+ sewers & embroiderers, I provide embroidery sewing services to my clients.

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In this blog, I will share all my experience in the form of guides & tips that will enable you to start your embroidery & sewing career in an effective or will polish your skills if you are already in this field.

Moreover, I also review some of the top quality products of sewing & embroidery, testing & using my self and then I recommend you to buy these products to advance your skills that will save your money in investing in inauthentic products.

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