Best Embroidery Machine for Patches

When you’re creating patches, having the right embroidery machine can make all the difference in the world. Finding the right machine to attach patches, isn’t simple because each machine has different features and settings. So, in this article, we’ll look at the various features with an eye on what’s best for working with patches by providing you with several brands to consider.

Our Top Picks

Brother PE800

Best Embroidery Machine for Patches

  • 138 Built-in Designs & 11 Fonts
  • 103 different stitch types
  • Large 3.2 inch Colored LCD Screen

Brother PE550D

Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine

  • 80 built-in designs
  • 240 built-in sewing stitches
  • 4×4 inch embroidery hoop

Buying the perfect patch embroidery machine can require testing and is time-consuming, with a lot of energy required for the process. Yet, investing in an innovative and potential product can save you from a day to day struggle of attaching a patch to the textile without much labor involved.

Embroidery machines containing multi-tiered and different frames are famous for their high level of detail, which makes them ideal for creating intricate works of art. Also, it is important to choose a machine with the desired number of needles and grids before making your final selection.

When trying to decide which product to buy, people often fail to consider the skills, wants and needs that would match their working environment. This leads many consumers to purchase products twice, even though they were not completely satisfied with the first one. To avoid this situation, it is important for consumers to evaluate their skills, as well as their needs and wants before making a purchase decision.

Following a thorough examination of the strengths, benefits, and drawbacks of embroidery machines, we have compiled this list of top-quality products. These machines are best suited for applique projects and include features that enable them to stand out from other machines on the market.

Best Embroidery Machine for Patches in 2022

Product ImageProduct NameRatingPrice
Brother PE800Brother PE800⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Best Monogram MachineBrother PE550D⭐⭐⭐⭐
Janome MC 400EJanome MC 400E⭐⭐⭐⭐
Janome 500e Home Embroidery MachineJanome MC 500E⭐⭐⭐⭐
Brother SE625 Home Embroidery MachineBrother SE625⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Janome MB-4SJanome MB-4S⭐⭐⭐⭐
Brother SE600Brother SE600⭐⭐⭐⭐
Brother SE1900Brother SE1900⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Janome MC 12000Janome MC 12000⭐⭐⭐⭐
PE535 Embroidery ModelBrother PE535⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

“Best Overall”

The innovative and digital Brother PE800 is famous for its embroidery field of 5*7 and software that enables it to create detailed patterns on the LCD touchscreen. The touch screen is easy to use and there is plenty of space to store the designs making it easier for beginners and professionals to work on this machine.

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine
Best Embroidery Machine for Patches Infographic

The PE800 also allows for design editing—including the mirror rotation and the ability to adjust the size whatever you need. The PE800 also has several elegant and enhanced patterns in its memory. There are so many great ideas I actually found it hard to choose!

The automatic needle threader also provides an improved feature of comfortable usage, and the user does not bother with lagging and prolong working. Impaired with the automated system, the machine contains an in-built thread trimmer that makes the process quick and efficient.

In addition to this, the machine contains seven distinct monogram pattern fonts and additional patterns including the Japanese and English that aids the user in performing the task efficiently, and having more choices in one machine is a treat.

Excellent design editing format
Inbuilt monogram patterns
LCD Screen
Large stitching field.
Only the embroidery machine
This new technology Brother PE800 is the best choice among the best embroidery machines for patches as it provides specific qualitative attributes, including the design editing and inbuilt LED light that enable it to work anywhere. Moreover, the patterns and monogram fonts with the potential can speed up the process.

2. Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine

“Best Patch Embroidery Machine for Price”

Brother PE550D is a user friendly and easy to operate. The appliance is portable, and you can effortlessly place it anywhere in your house. Brother PE550D comes with an impressive 125 in-built designs and patterns. The machine offers its exclusive brother designs along with floral alphabet letters. The glad tidings for the kids are it has 45 licensed Disney Pixar designs.

PE550D Embroidery Machine

A variety of 3D freestanding lace patterns with a diverse range of borders, frames, and character designs allows you to be innovative with your colored patterns as much as you want. Moreover, nine different English and Japanese fonts enable you to be versatile with your projects. The swift speed of 650 stitches per inch handles your tasks in no time.

The lever of the machine automatically threads the needle. This useful feature eliminates the frustration of changing threads continuously and saves a lot of time. The pop-in bobbin is simple to weave. The transparent covers permit you to keep an eye on the thread usage.

The perfectly bright-colored LCD screen allows you to adjust the setting of embroidery according to your personal preferences. You can effortlessly change the background, patterns, and fonts. Moreover, if you make any mistake, you can undo it by pressing a delete option.

The PE550D has an excellent onboard memory. It can efficiently store a wide range of patterns and even import the designs from the internet through the USB drive. The machine delivers remarkable performance and comes with numerous useful accessories. A 25-year warranty claim keeps the product durable.

Various in-built patterns
Digital screen
User-friendly layout
Limited embroidery field
Only the embroidery machine
PE550D offers you various prints and patterns in your work. The control panel is straightforward to use and command. The precise embroiders of machines deliver a good outcome. Smart user-friendly design is a great option to buy by beginners or the expert enthusiast for advanced embroidery.

3. Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine

“Best User-Friendly”

The primary selling characteristic of the Janome Memory Craft 400 E is its embroidery field and the speed of the process as it provides a large size of 7.5* 7.5 space with adjustable hoops that favor the speed of the patch attachment. Impaired with this, it offers the automatic thread cutter that enables the machine to achieve precision and accuracy.

Janome MC 400E

This computerized embroidery gadget is famous for its design editing and detailing as it offers the functioning of drawing and editing the design with the desired status of the hoop, mirror adjustment, and rotation. This gives the freedom of movement to the user and facilitates producing quality work.

The prominent feature of LCD screens with built-in designs enables the user to work with accuracy in less time without bothering about the use of computers. Hence, without any other device, you can achieve the best results in quality time.

In the case of evaluating the benefit factor, the machine provides minimal ost in return to the quality benefits as it is a standing potential because of its innovative nature with the touch screen and artistic in-built monograms and patterns.

Brilliant editing features
Online editing
LCD touch screen
Large embroidery space
User friendly
Easier instruction manual
Only the embroidery machine
For professional use
If your desire is concerned with detailing and advanced level editing, memory Craft 400 E is the ideal choice for you. It provides a simplistic yet efficient and accurate machine that provides you the embroidery speed and advanced design editing that prevents time and energy consumption with satisfactory results.

4. Janome Memory Craft 500E Embroidery Machine

“Best for Large Projects”

The Janome Memory Craft 500 E is a wonderful product for professionals as it provides a pleasant editing experience with the touch screen and the innovative use of the screen. However, the embroidery space is determined by the hoop adjustment that is limited in this case.

Janome MC 500e

Memory Craft 500 E contains a fantastic set of threads and a Bobbin winder that enables the user to work with great accuracy and precision without time consumption. The manual is user friendly and provides ease in recognizing the desired pattern on the screen, and the stitching process is quick and efficient.

The speed of the process and embroidery varies following the complex nature of the design. However, the overall result of the embroidery is extraordinary, with significant nuances and details. However, the only issue with the machine is its limited hoop adjustment that is a problem for some.

Other than that, the machine is a perfect product for embroidery-only purposes and provides a substantial solid outer body with extravagant results on any fabric. The overall performance potential of the machine is brilliant with its extraordinary design embroidery and professional use.

LCD touch screen
Brilliant design editing
Embroidery speed
User friendly
Brilliant software
For professional use only
Limited hoop adjustment
Only the embroidery machine
If you are searching for a potential competitor, Memory Craft 500 E is one of them standing because of its design editing and innovative touch screen with the brilliant software that enables the user to work with precision and accuracy without time consumption. If you are searching through the market, consider 500 E because of its innovative model.

5. Brother SE625 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

“Best Featured Combo”

Brother SE625


Brother SE625 is equipped with all the latest upgrades and is a great option to put your hands on. SE625 sponsors the latest digitizing software. The machine comes with clear instructions and guidance video CDs for beginners to learn and practice steps to use comfortably.

In-built Patterns

This aggregate machine offers a wide range of 280 patterns and prints, including alphabets, cartoon characters, floral patterns, etc. Moreover, you can efficiently import limitless designs from the internet and keep up with the latest fashion trends.

As the combination machine, it offers 103 decorative stitches and eight styles of one-step automatic buttonholes. The automatic indicator will inform you when the thread in the bobbin is about to finish. The mighty 3.2 inches color LCD screen permits you to adjust all the sewing and embroidery settings virtually.

Control Panel

The control panel is accessible and understandable, even for beginners. Furthermore, this touchscreen will help you with the machine’s setup, including embroidery arm and hoop, inserting bobbins, switching feet, placing, and inserting thread. The appliance comes with numerous useable accessories to tackle high-end projects competitively.

Working Area

The large working area of 4×4 inches allows you to work and create patterns easily without any hindrance. LED bulbs in the working area illuminate the embroidery field, so you don’t need any separate lights. The smart layout and good performance increase the value of the product. The latest features allow you to command your outlines exquisitely.

Combination machine
Latest software
Digital LCD
Latest automatic features
Software needs update
SE625 is an excellent option for the one who wants to buy the sewing and a patch-making embroidery machine. The sturdy design equipped with all the latest features enables you to tackle high-end projects and tasks within no time. The various in-built patterns and prints keep you crafty and innovative. It is undoubtedly the best option to buy.

6. Janome MB-4S Four-Needle Embroidery Machine

“Best for Commercial Use”

The Janome MB-4S contains a large embroidery surface of 9.4*7.9 that provides creative leverage to the user according to one’s desires. Impaired with this, the machine can stitch 800 stitches per minute while keeping in mind its ability to have the multi or 4- needles that work four times the usual machines.

Janome MB 4S Patch Making Machine

Equipped with the four needles in its designs, it additionally contains the automatic threader trimmer and cutter that helps the user to design the patterns saving valuable time with great precision. Moreover, having great features that work extraordinarily, the machines do not weigh much like the traditional machines in the market.

The notable feature in the product can be the Bobbin winding system that continues to wind to thread even though the machine is still stitching that can reduce the hassle of the user to bother with trivial matters. Moreover, the size of the bobbin winder is larger than usual to increase work capacity.

The Janome MB 4S has the built-in capacity to store designs and patterns that is lower than usual but works perfectly fine without any jerking. The machine does not produce any jerks or jams with the increased speed or complicated designs.

High embroidery surface
Built-in storage capacity
Four-needle system
High efficiency
Excellent bobbin winding system
Faster than usual
Expensive than usual
Lack of foot pressure accommodation
If you are searching for efficiency and potential results, Janome MB 4S can prove itself with its smart needle system and brilliant speed adjustment without having the hassle of trivial problems. The machine includes a fast winding system impaired with accuracy in design and precision in stitching.

7. Brother SE600

“Best High-Quality”

Brother SE600 is a unique product with a large, usable LCD touch screen that enhances the colorful patterns on the screen. The SE600 also includes an automatic thread cutter with a built-in ability to change the thread while stitching (this is very useful and prevents wasting time and your patience).

Brother SE600

The speed varies with its two-way setting dependent on the design nature. This is in direct relation with the foot pedal that controls the speed adjustment with high speed on regular embroidery and vice versa. This feature is prominent as it helps the result of the product that is efficient and precise.

The USB port facilitates the machine with the storage of monogram and pattern that aids the user in creating elegant designs in addition to the already built-in patterns in the machine. It assists the user in storing 12 patterns with the existing seven fonts at a time to create and innovate new designs.

Another notable feature includes the working and precision on different fabric, as mentioned in the manual. The manual helps the user to select the thread for the fabric of the user’s choice ranging from thick fabric to thin to stretchable fabric without affecting the speed and efficiency of the machine.

LCD touch screen
Brilliant design editing
Built-in storage
Lightweight than usual

Automatic threading system
Not for daily use
If you are searching for the innovative nature of the machine that can facilitate you in designing and creating a potential embroidery on the fabric, Brother SE600 is the perfect machine for you. Because of its smart editing system and large embroidery space, this machine is the potential competition in the market for the best embroidery machine for patches.

8. Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

“Best Beginner-Friendly”

Brother SE 1900 contains a large embroidery surface of 5*7 with a detailed working space that can avoid issues related to efficiency. Impaired with this, the machine offers a feature of built-in LED light that can aid the user while using darker fabric and prevent any trivial mistakes of embroidery and patching.

Brother SE1900 Embroidery Machine

With its innovative large LCD touch screen, the user is free to choose the designs of its range, change the color according to personal preference with its advanced editing system. Moreover, the USB port has the storage capacity of thousands of patterns with the enhanced technology used in this machine.

The notable features of the automated threading system and the speed controller come in great use while you are working on heavy projects with complicated design. Consequently, it removes the chaos of the user being bothered by changing the needle or cutting the thread. This can also prove fruitful in case of time and energy consumption.

With its best technology of the design editing system, it offers great help in adjusting the hoop, the brightness of the screen, substituting the thread, minimizing, and maximizing the pattern according to personal preference. In addition to this, the eight feet of the machine helps in the potential results.

Sewing and embroidery machine
LCD touch screen
Excellent editing system
Built-in LED light
Automatic speed controller
Enhanced USB storage
Automatic threader system
Expensive than usual
Only for those with previous computerized machine experience
Brother SE 1900 is the perfect model for you if you are searching for an efficient machine with the freedom of design and editing. Because of its newer and innovative technology, this machine facilitates the best experience for users with its automatic threading system and speed controller. Overall, the evaluation is based on precision and the storage for the installation of the monogram patterns.

More about SE1900? Have a look at our Latest SE1900 Review

9. Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000

“Best for Powerful Use”

Janome Memory Craft 12000 is popular because of its large and spacious embroidery area of 9.1*11.8 that facilitates the user with the ease of using the machine with the adjustment of hoops. Impaired with this, the machine offers a large throat for the adjustment of fabric and provides leverage to use the machine comfortably.

Janome MC 12000 Embroidery Machine for Patches

This computerized, two in one machine is notable for its enhanced editing system, from the automatic threader system to its LCD screen editing. The editing option provides the user with plenty of options, including an automatic threader and speed system without time and energy consumption.

The USB port contains 300+ built-in monograms and fonts with the additional storage of installing the patterns on the device. Moreover, for beginner’s ease, the machine includes tutorials on the screen that accommodate the user in getting the best out of it.

Large embroidery space
Large throat or working space
LCD screen
Enhanced editing system
Built-in patterns and brilliant storage
Automatic threading system
Expensive than usual
Mostly for professional use
If you are searching for competition in the field of precision, accuracy, and potential, the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 is the best choice for you. Because of its advanced editing system and the brilliant automatic features, it facilitates beginners as well as can contain businesses.

10. Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

“Best Dedicated Machine”

Brother PE535 is a durable, sturdy machine with a working area of 4 x4 inches. Fourteen pounds weight makes it portable enough to carry and place it without any hassle. The majestic onboard memory allows you to save your favorite colored patterns and downloads much more from the internet.

Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

The wide 3.2 inches colored LCD allows you to manage the operations virtually. The control panel is understandable and straightforward to operate. The machine comes with the pre-installed 80 decorative designs, including diverse floral patterns, borders, and frames.

The nine fonts options, six in English and three in Japanese, in upper and lower case letters, numerals in large and small size, and symbols enables you to personalize your pieces. Moreover, you can efficiently import the latest prints and patterns from your personal computer through the USB flash drive port.

The needle threader automatically changes the thread when the cycle is complete and erases your eyes’ straining to shift the line continuously. It has a stitching capacity of 400 stitches per minute, which means you can quickly fulfill your commitments. The grid section licenses in the working field support you in putting your design precisely on your fabric.

PE535 comes with the copious valuable accessories to produce a pleasing outcome. The guidance videos and the instructions allow the users to handle and operate the machine efficiently. A 25 years warranty claim and the manufacturers’ after-service care keep the device running smoothly and durably.

Easy to handle
Sturdy layout
Good performance
Limited in-built designs
Small field
Brother PE535 is perfect for experimenting with colored patterns and prints. Easy handling makes it one of the best options for beginners. PE535 can handle 3D projects and can embroider on any fabric even, denim. If you are looking for a sturdy choice with ease of practice, this is one of the best options for you to invest your valuable money.

How to Choose the Best Embroidery Machine for Patches?

Well, we all know how fast a fashion trend becomes outmoded or viral. But exquisite embroidery designs never let you fall out of love from them. We appreciate how sassy and classy these patches look—this high-level sort of personalization of colored stitches appeals to many people.

Handmade intricate embroidered patterns enhance your fabric appearance and tend to give it more value. This fabric commands a high price range when it is selling at retail stores. Having the best embroidery machine, which allows you to keep up with the latest fashion trend, is a magnificent idea.

Amidst so many different options and models with various features these days, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying the most suitable machine for yourself. To ease your task, we have penned down a few points to consider before choosing a patch embroidery machine; thus, you don’t have to cut corners. So, let’s get into it.

Multiple purpose

Before investing your money on the appliance, it is best to know if you want only a sewing machine or an embroidery sewing machine. A sewing machine is used for a particular purpose, whereas an embroidery sewing machine is employed to craft and create astonish threads, patterns, and motives.

A combination embroidery machine will allow you to undertake more plans without purchasing another device. You can effortlessly create anything. For advanced users, it is potent to buy a combination embroidery machine. The problem of course is that there is more complexity to it. Also, some combination machines are less suited to either and this can also be a problem.

Ease of use

One of the significant factors to ponder before buying a machine is that it should match your skill level and is straightforward to use and handle. It is advisable to buy a product with in-built instructions, guidance videos, and steps to practice and command. It will help the users to learn swiftly and make progress efficiently in crafting.

Assessable design

It is vital to consider the design of the product. It is prudent to put your hands on an appliance that has a spacious and broad throat. The more substantial throat width will allow you to carry your embroidery task easily. Machines with a narrow throat keep the users adjusting the cloth repeatedly to fit into the machine. Make sure to buy a product that has a broad throat and a smart layout.

Built-in patterns

Another crucial factor to consider before buying an embroidery machine is its in-built designs and patterns. It is significant to look for the number of prints a machine is offering to its users, and that can meet your requirements. The various designs and pre-selected panels will help people to create patterns of their choices.

Always look for a machine that allows you to unlock more embroidery prints. It will not only enhances your skills but will keep your interest elevated with the more creative options, which a traditional machine does not offer. So, look for a motor with digitized software.


Most advanced quality embroidery machines come with various accessories like a foot pedal, an automatic needle threader, and an automatic thread cutter. Having these attachments in your appliance is a fabulous start.

A USB interface or an internet connection function to import internet designs is important – otherwise you are limited to what comes with the machine (or doing everything by hand).

Price range

Price is one of the primary factors to ponder when you are purchasing anything. Everyone has a budget range when it comes to investing your money. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to find a cost-efficient product. You may not be willing to pay a small fortune on a machine until you know you’re going to get alot of usage out of your appliance.


Nobody wants their expensive embroidery tools to break down only to find there no manufacturer service available. Buying reliable products from reputable companies’ does have a cost but also typically have an excellent after-sales service for their users.,

Buying the best embroidery machine for patterns is an expensive investment. It is essential to do some ground research before spending your valuable money on any product. I hope after skimming through the above factors provided for choosing any embroidery tool. I expect you can effortlessly find the most suitable machine that matches all your needs.


How to make patches with an embroidery machine? 

You can make patches with an embroidery machine by hooping the stabilizer first. After that, you need to stitch a small line. This is to indicate the patch material placement. By setting the correct alignment, the patch material should be placed inside the hoop. Now you have to proceed toward stitching the tracking run. This will hold the base material of the patch. Now take any design which you like and run it in the center. Finally, stitch the borders nicely. This should be satin stitched. Lastly, the patch is ready and can be removed


Having the best tool to explore the design ideas while preventing time and energy consumption is ideal for the user keeping the struggle in mind. Yet, searching through the whole market for the right product can be challenging if you are already exhausted.


With all of the embroider machines we’ve looked at, for the money; the capability; and the precision – we prefer the Brother PE800 and I would recommend this over other Brother or Janome machines.

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