Best Embroidery Machine for Shirts & Hoodies in 2022

Embroidery on any fabric enhances its beauty. Now anyone can make their boring shirts or hoodies look chic and classy with amazing embroidered designs. Thanks to the best embroidery machines for shirts & hoodies, you can have your personalized design without embroidery skills. Master an embroidery machine, and you are a stylist in no go.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with an embroidery business or a craft freak, shirt embroidery machines can provide your piece of cloth with an accurate design with perfect symmetry. In addition, you can design multiple formats or produce bulk pieces of a single design without a single error.

If you want to create, embellish, customize and decorate any fabric during any time of day, then it’s worth investing in an embroidery machine.

Our Top Picks

Brother PE800

Brother PE800

  • Enrich with On Screen Editing Features
  • Top Monogramming Features for Shirts & Hoodies
  • Perfect for Personalized Projects

Brother SE600

Brother SE1900

  • Large In-built Embroidery Designs Collection
  • Affordable & Beginner-Friendly
  • Perfect Stitch Quality

Best Embroidery Machines For Shirts And Hoodies

#Product Image Product Name Rating Price
1brother pe800Brother PE800⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2brother se600Brother SE600⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3brother se1900Brother SE1900⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4janome mc 9850Janome MC 9850⭐⭐⭐⭐
5eversewn nq1600eBrother Innovis NQ1600e⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
6Bernette 79Bernette 79⭐⭐⭐⭐
7janome 400eJanome Memory Craft 400E⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
8janome mb4sJanome MB-4S⭐⭐⭐⭐
9brother pe535Brother PE535⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
10eversewn sparrow xEverSewn Sparrow X⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

We have done industrious work and dug out the best embroidery machines for shirts and hoodies for your small home business or to pursue your hobby. You can choose the most appropriate device featuring innovative features to make things easier. 

1. Brother PE800 Best Overall

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE800 is the embroidery machine that takes your embroidery projects to new heights. This versatile, heavy-duty machine is perfect for carrying out your industrial or domestic embroidery tasks. Several key features make this machine unique and worth buying.

Best Embroidery Machine for Patches & Shirts Infographic

This functional machine comes with a large LCD with a touch screen and colored display. It enables you to check your embroidery design before making it live on your fabric. This feature allows you to edit design by changing size, rotating design, or using different colors with the built-in palette.

Furthermore, the machine comes with 138 built-in embroidery designs. You can also customize any design and transfer it to the machine memory. This effort is enough to make your customized design live.

The 11 versatile fonts, frame designs, and border designs allow you to create dazzling designs on your favorite fabric.

In addition, a 5 x 7″ hoop makes this machine all-purpose. You can design different embroidery designs on clothes and curtain cover sheets and give your house an expensive look. The hoop size is adaptable to your DIY projects.

If you are using different designs or find needling thread difficult, then its built-in needle thread has got you covered. In addition, you can design without needling a single thread if you want multi-colors. Moreover, the built-in thread trimmer also adds convenience.

On top of all, the built-in LED lights allow you to stitch designs beautifully regardless of the lighting conditions or the fabric color.

This Brother Pe800 is not meant for sewing; it is perfect beginners embroidery machine. The easy bobbin winding system and clear bobbin plate are jam-resistant.

Large color LCD with handy interface
Unlimited embroidery designs with a USB port
Best for beginners
Equipped with essential accessories
High-end quality
Not able to sew
Overall, Brother PE800 is a good edition for different DIY projects in your house. However, if you are looking for a multifunctional machine that can sew or embroider your clothes, this machine is not for you.

2. Brother SE600 User Friendly & Best Value for Money

Brother SE600

The Brother SE600 is a two-in-one embroidery machine created to support your creative DIY projects. This futuristic machine comes with several functions to help you improve your embroidery skills.

In addition, this ergonomic machine is a streamlined version of the preceding SE400, with improved functionality and durability. For example, you can now see how your altered embroidered patterns will look before you make them.

This embroidery sewing machine has 103 built-in stitches, 80 built-in embroidered designs, and ten different buttonhole types. Not only that, but its built-in memory allows you to explore unlimited creative possibilities.

In addition, you can use this heavy-duty machine to stitch cloth of any kind.

The combination of Embroidery with sewing can be used to repair rips and also to sew your garments, saving you the expense of buying a second machine.

You can control and place your embroidered designs on the huge colored LCD with just a touch of your finger. Then, before stitching, preview the thread color changes and see the results on a screen. The huge workspace allows you to see your ideas and make on-screen changes, and get started quickly with built-in tutorials that provide on-screen sewing help. As a result of this convenience, the most appropriate personalized design is created.

Six writing fonts and appliqué designs are included to help you get started with Embroidery. You can create a beautiful DIY project for home décor or gift your loved ones with access to Embroidery.

Additionally, the innovative features allow for a quick setup with a jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin.

The 44-square-foot workplace easily handles the fabric. So you’ll never miss minute details when embroidering dark-colored fabric or doing free motion with LED lights.

Furthermore, the free arm for sleeves, cuffs, and collars, as well as the automatic needle threader, allow your limbs to relax while taking the work from your hands.

The 7 sewing feet, including Zigzag, Overcasting, Monogramming, Zipper, Blind Stitch, and Buttonhole, make this t-shirt embroidery machine an all-rounder when combined with the many built-in designs for embroidering and stitching.

Surprisingly, the fast switching speed of 710 stitches per minute allows you to complete numerous projects in a single day.

Comes with a sewing tutorial for beginners
The swift speed with adjustable dial or foot pedal
Multifunctional with 7 sewing ports
USB ports
Needs consistent oiling to work properly
Brother SE600 is a robust, useful, and cost-effective embroidery and sewing machine that allows you to comfortably accomplish both standard and unique embroidery chores. In addition, the 6-lettering fonts with options to access unlimited designs make this machine a suitable choice to pursue your embroidery passion at home.

3. Brother SE1900Professional Sewing Embroidery Machine for Shirts

Brother SE1900 Embroidery Machine

Due to Brother’s most innovative designs, we’ve brought another Brother Embroidery machine for review.

The Brother sewing and embroidery 1900 is the most user-friendly and convenient machine. It is designed with many capabilities to provide you with a fantasy-like embroidery experience in real life. So let’s have a look at its characteristics without further ado.

This heavy-duty combo machine is the most updated among all Brother’s devices. This machine is the most distinguished and functional because of its perfect and neat personalized outcomes, varied functions, and super stitching power.

When you switch on this gadget, and a giant LCD appears, the real fun begins. A command of intricate embroidery designs will be transmitted to the machine with just a few clicks from your fingers. The 3.2-inch LCD screen gives you plenty of room to make changes and choose the perfect colors. Then, preview your customized design before making it live on fabric to get the best results.

The Brother SE1900 has a huge workstation area of 5″ x 7″ to print large patterns with precision. You can customize several designs in a small space, including letters and big patterns.

Furthermore, with 138 built-in embroidery designs and 7 built-in fonts, your cloth will always have a unique embroidery design. Thanks to the 10 frame shapes and numerous stitch patterns, you can have an adventure with Embroidery.

You may build the most customized designs with built-in designs by reducing or expanding the design size, mirroring the design, or rotating the design image. Besides being built-in, this machine also has a USB connection for importing amazing designs. Moreover, thanks to Brother’s authorized exclusive designs, you can avail of their free designs.

You may create your unique design using free motion stitching by moving the cloth freely. You can make the most creative sewing and quilting projects if you keep this in mind.

With the Brother SE1900, you will no longer have pricked fingers. In addition, automatic threading makes any large embroidery project much more convenient, as it automatically changes threads.

The Brother SE1900 comes with seven different sewing feet. You can complete any craft project with enthusiasm and stamina if you have so many other feet at your disposal.

Easy to use
Large LCD touch screen
Plenty of stitch and embroidery designs
Swift speed
Raw stitches on a few fabrics
As can be seen, the Brother SE1900 is the most ergonomic and user-friendly. A perfect choice, if you have to embroder or monogram your shirts with a professional embroidery machine. As a result, you may perform your embroidery assignments like a pro with many stitching and embroidery possibilities.

4. Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 Powerful & Multi Feature

Janome horizon memory craft 9850

Janome is known for producing machines that are both durable and feature-rich. As a result, the Janome HMC 9850 is an excellent workhorse for beginners and professionals. With the Janome HMC 9850, you can go down any route to give your imagination a voice. With this little thunder, you’ll be able to use all of the embroidery functions for garment stitching, home décor, fabric making, and much more.

This embroidery sewing machine has 175 built-in designs and 200 built-in stitches. With USB connections that allow you to load an endless number of designs, you can take your embroidery hobby to the next level.

Thanks to the automated thread tension, your design will be sleek and sophisticated. The built-in needle threader threads the needles while keeping your fingertips safe from injury.

Other features such as one-step needle plate conversion, seven-piece feed dog, free arm, and drop feed make this machine the most adaptable and flexible on the market.

This embroidery machine is the most dominant and distinctive because of the additional capabilities such as embroidery speed adjustment, on-screen text editing, and automatic height adjustment.

Although an entry-level user may not be aware of the machine’s full capabilities, with a little experience, you will be able to operate it for the rest of your life.

This machine is tranquil, allowing you to embroider on various fabrics ranging from silk to velvet to delicate organza, giving your expensive textiles a new lease on life.

It features a four-times more efficient CPU than its predecessors, allowing you to create designs quickly.

It contains a wide LCD touch screen with great quality, allowing you to preview your design and achieve the most precise and near results possible. In addition, this embroidery machine’s color spectrum makes it a dream machine for any embroidery enthusiast.

The LED lights allow you to work on your project without straining your eyes. Moreover, The machine can rapidly embroider up to 800 stitches per minute.

Coded jump thread trimming
Provides stitching up to 9mm wide cloth
Comes with storage of 3 MB
Adjustable hoop positioning
In the end, the Janome 9850 is the most reliable and distinctive embroidery machine available to embroidery enthusiasts. In addition, because it provides more significant support to your cloth, you may sew without removing the embroidery unit with this user-friendly machine.

5. Brother Innov-ís NQ1600E Personalized Embroidery Machine for Clothes

Brother Innov-ís NQ1600E Shirts Embroidery Machine

Brother Innov-is NQ 1600E is an embroidery-only machine. It is the most cost-effective and functional machine in your shopping cart. You won’t need any additional embroidery digitization software with this embroidery machine.

Automatic features such as an automatic thread cutter and needle threader make your stitching and embroidery process enjoyable.

You may construct any simple to sophisticated embroidered design using the 198 built-in embroidery designs, 11 built-in embroidery fonts, and 140 built-in frames.

The touchscreen is available on the large LCD panel. Its big interface allows you to edit and adjust your embroidered design’s size simply. Get accurate results by previewing your design before putting it live on your fabric.

If your crafts project calls for unique or cutting-edge patterns, or if you want to personalize your hoodies with Disney cartoons or cool lines, this monogram machine has you covered with USB connections. You can add any design to your garments to make them look fashionable and sassy.

Furthermore, the 850 stitches per minute save time and allow you to work on numerous tasks. With this quick embroidery machine, you can simply start a tiny Etsy business.

The wide stitching area and working space of 6″ x 10″ allow you to work on any large project without messing.

Given these considerations, the Brother Innov-is NQ 1600E embroidery machine is the most durable and functional in a reasonable price range.

Quick Tip:

Brother just released NQ1600E latest model, the Brother Innov-is NQ1700E with latest or updated features such as Wifi Connectivity adaptability.

To learn more, Here’s my recent Brother NQ1700e Review.

Easy to use
Free embroidery software
Large workspace
850 Stitches per minute
5.85 Inches large LCD screen
Embroidery only machine
A bit difficult to understand for beginners
Even though Brother NQ1600E is only an embroidery machine, the price is justified. It will also be more long-term for embroidery fans who have only recently begun to pursue their needlework interest.

6. Bernette 79Personalized Projects

Bernette 79

The Bernette b79 is Embroidery as well as a sewing machine. It features high-end quality and impeccable functionality, which is worth every penny. This innovative style machine is built with multiple automatic features so our hands can relax and stay prick-free.

You can put this small machine on your table and begin working on your most personalized project. This adorable piece features a 5-inch LCD screen. The LCD screen’s big interface allows you to change existing designs or create your own. Use your fingertips to issue commands, and your embroidered shirts and hats will be ready in no time.

Depending on home requirements, a 6 “x10” LED embroidery field may be sufficient. On this well-lit surface, you can effortlessly sew your tees or hoodies. If you need to create larger designs, seek embroidery machines with a lot of room.

This machine has 500 stitches and designs pre-installed. There are 133 decorative stitches, one buttonhole stitch, and 35 quilting stitches. There are also 7 alphabet fonts and 208 embroidery designs included. These stitches and patterns are intended to create a wide range of designs. You may still change the size or direction of designs or simply import new ones using USB ports.

Unlike other embroidery machines, this set has an automatic lockstitch to keep your seams safe.

Meanwhile, an automatic thread cutter eliminates the need for scissors, allowing you to cut a thread with a single click.

Furthermore, the feed dogs system secures your fabric and ensures that each stitch is precise. For more rigid materials, this results in smooth embroidery designs.

In addition, having access to control buttons is a fantastic bonus. This machine is more user-friendly for beginners because of the control buttons. This machine provides control buttons for

  • Presser foot down/up button
  • Feed dog lever
  • 15 needle positions and needle right/left button
  • Lower and upper multifunctional knobs to change the settings
  • Button to secure the stitches
  • Slide speed control
  • Stop/start button
  • Thread cutter button
  • Reverse button

A variety of presser feet are included with the Burnette 79. With the foot control program, you can alter their pressure and position.

In-built walking foot sew multiple layers

Multiple control buttons

Stitch securing

Functional software to read DST, JEF, EXP, and PES embroidery formats.
Heavy machines and difficult to transport
Takes time to start
Overall, the Bernette 79 is a durable and high-quality machine. This combination can be used in any physical setting to produce realistic designs. In addition, it is the ideal embroidery machine for novices due to its numerous pre-programmed capabilities.

7. Janome Memory Craft 400EGreat Stitching & Embroidery for Shirts & Crafts

Janome MC 400E

The Janome Memory Craft 400E is a computerized embroidery machine that solely does Embroidery. The Memory Craft 400E, like all other Janome embroidery machines, meets the highest quality standards.

This embroidery machine, in particular, has a huge workspace of 7.9″ × 7.9″. This enables you to create needlework with enormous designs without dividing them down into smaller portions. If the design is still too big, you can use hoop placement to smaller.

This machine can stitch at a rate of 860 stitches per minute. This machine is also fairly sharp, and the adjustable hoop location and jump thread trimming let you get perfect designs in no time.

In addition, its speed is also enhanced due to the upgraded needle threader and automatic thread cutter. These features save your time and effort and allow you to produce bulk designs.

Furthermore, this computerized embroidery machine is accompanied by a large responsive LCD screen that operates with your fingers. Its colored feature makes you able to adjust the color of your threads. In addition, you can easily edit the design or change the shape or size through this screen.

When coupled with other features, this machine provides 160 built-in designs. You can import any personalized or downloaded design with USB ports, expanding your choice option. The variety of design is also increased with built-in 6 fonts for monogramming. You can also change the size of letters using hoop positioning.

Quick stitching speed
Handy interface
Comes with multiple accessories

Not suitable for beginners.
Highly expensive
This durable Janome 400E machine works on any sturdy fabric, including leather. This feature makes Janome fruitful for commercial purposes.

8. Janome MB-4S Multi-Editing Features for Professional Use

Janome MB 4S Patch Making Machine

Janome MB-4S is a compact yet durable embroidery machine. Unlike traditional embroidery machines, this white-colored body requires a small room to work. In addition, this sustainable machine comes with 2 years of electrical equipment warranty.

With built-in designs, you can get 3MB space to provide space for 1,500,000 stitches. You can export downloaded or customized designs in this space. The machine can read various formats including .jef+ format, .jef format, and .dst format.

The multiple designs are distributed according to specific hoop sizes. This enables you to decide which design is perfect for your project.

The unique feature of this embroidery machine is Remote Computer Screen. The 5.7 inches remote screen lets you control the device and edit, zoom and move your designs. In addition, this colored screen enables you to control thread shading with a choice of 65,536 colors on a color palette.

Whether working at night or placing your machine in a dark area, you can work efficiently with four LED lights. In addition, the brighter working area provides more precision to your work.

In addition, the machine performance is also enhanced with an automatic thread cutter. You don’t need to pause to cut the thread.

Furthermore, the automatic needle threader provides convenience in setting up your machine for daily tasks. Your eyes and fingers can relax with this fantastic feature.

Including an extra-large bobbin, you will never run out of thread for your design. The 1.4 times giant bobbin saves your time and effort from winding the bobbin multiple times for a single large design. The large bobbin also has a swift winding motor with 2000 rotations per minute. This enables you to fly through big projects easily. The speed is also upgraded with 800 embroidery stitches in one minute.

Easy to handle
Easy setup
Convenient and durable
Highly expensive
Overall, the Janome MB-4S Embroidery Machine is worth buying. The included accessories and multiple hoops with upgraded features make this embroidery machine perfect for hats and shirts embroidery.

9. Brother PE535 Budget-Friendly

Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

The Brother PE535 is equipped with the most basic yet useful functions. It comes with 80 pre-installed designs to choose from. It also gives you access to, so you can simply download all of the latest designs.

Furthermore, the USB drive allows for endless embroidery designs to be accessed. You can either download the designs or create your own and then import them into the machine.

The user-friendly interface on the big LCD allows you to control your embroidery machine with only a few taps. The colorful screen aids in the selection of exact hues for your embroidered designs. You will receive the most realistic design if you navigate across the screen before deciding.

The Brother P535 also has a faster speed due to the automatic needle threader. As a result, you don’t have to swap threads all the time.

The Brother PE535 comes with instructional films on how to use the machine. This is quite beneficial to novices. They can practice their stitching skills by watching any step at any time.

Furthermore, this machine is simple to install. The bobbin is threaded just like a standard machine, and you’re ready to start embroidering your favorite design.

Although the workspace is limited, huge embroidered designs can be broken down into smaller pieces.

This machine weighs only 15 pounds, making it the ideal portable embroidery machine.

User friendly
Suitable for small designs
Not multifunctional
Not suitable for professional use
Overall, the Brother P535 is a durable embroidery machine. It is specially designed for small tasks. If you are looking for commercial use, this machine is not for you.

10. Ever Sewn Sparrow X Advanced Editing Features

EverSewn Sparrow X

EverSewn is the leading brand in embroidery and sewing machines. The Sparrow X is the next-generation sewing and embroidery machine.

Managing the machine using your mobile device is the most distinctive feature. For example, you may tweak your design on the EverSewn Pro app before transferring it to your machine. In addition, you won’t need any WiFi because this system has a built-in WiFi module.

Furthermore, the software allows you to monitor your machine through the app easily. You can keep track of your design while not staying near to it.

Between jump stitches, the enhanced automated needle threader changes your threads. Thread tension is also automatically changed, resulting in cool and precise graphics on your clothes.

The 4.75’’x7″ embroidery field can make any customized embroidery design easily. In addition, you can adjust the size for larger designs by using hoops.

The 100 embroidery designs and 120 stitching styles are included. You can always edit or resize them according to your preferences. If you want more variety in designs, you can make as many customized designs as possible.

Besides, the SewnSparrow also works with swiftness giving 850 stitches per minute.

This user-friendly machine also has multiple control buttons to give you more control over your DIY project. Autolock, start/stop, needle up/down, speed adjustment, and value-setting buttons are included in this combo machine.

There is also a storage compartment at the bedside of the machine. There you can easily store your needles and threads and stay mess-free.

User friendly
Produce high-end quality stitches
Distant monitoring makes Embroidery more comfortable
Multi-purpose machine
Durable and easy to use
Tension adjustment is required after every resetting
Not meant for commercial use
On the whole, EverSewn Sparrow X is perfect for domestic use. With this amazing durable machine, you can easily give your shirts and hoodies a new unique look.

Buying Guide for Best Embroidery Machine for Shirts & Hoodies

Before buying a t-shirt embroidery machine, having proper knowledge about the features is necessary. This lets you buy the same device that can easily cope with your needs. Therefore, before buying an embroidery machine, consider the following points.

1. Type Of Embroidery Machine

Embroidery machines are divided into two categories. The first is an embroidery only machine, while the second is an embroidery and sewing machine. If you already own a sewing machine and wish to get an embroidery machine, it is preferable to save money and purchase only the embroidery machine. On the other hand, if you have never used a sewing machine before and want to invest in embroidery equipment, a combo machine is the way to go. The dual device will provide more functionality and ease in completing your DIY projects, home decor, shirts, hoodies, and other embroidery projects.

2. Complex VS Simple Machines

If you are a beginner and want to pursue your embroidery enthusiasm, then it is better to opt for simple function machines with instructional DVDs. You can also contact customer support if you need more help.

3. Hoop Size And Sewing Area

Different hoop sizes are included with each embroidery machine. This is because the hoop serves as a frame for your fabric, supporting and holding it in place, while the needles operate in the space between the hoop sizes. As a result, your sewing area will never be the same size as the hoop. This is because needles do not sow near the hoop’s edges. For example, if you have a 4 × 4-inch hoop, the sewing area will be 3.94 x 3.94 inches.

As a result, we’ve included the hoop sizes along with their stitching areas so you can figure out how big the hope size you’ll need to embroider your designs.

  • 4 x 4 inches hoop size-3.94 x 3.94 inches sewing area
  •  5 x 7 inches hoop size-5.12 x 7.09 inches sewing area
  • 6 x 10 inches hoop size-6.30 x 10.24 inches sewing area.

While expensive machines provide large hoop sizes, simple machines provide smaller hoop sizes.

4. Connectivity

Embroidery machines come with a variety of pre-installed designs. However, the requirement for customized designs cannot be overlooked. Therefore, always look for devices that include USB ports. As a result, you’ll be able to transfer your designs effortlessly.

5. Stitch speed

Embroidery machines come with varying stitching acceleration. If you get the device for domestic use, then a machine with a single needle can provide enough speed to complete your task on time. On the other hand, if you are going to buy an embroidery machine for commercial use, check the speed and make sure that this machine can meet the limit of your daily tasks. For example, the maximum speed can be 1000 spm. 

6. Responsive Touch Screen

The highly responsive touch screen makes you customize your design in a few clicks. Make sure that the machine you will buy has a durable LCD screen.

7. Budget

Finally, make your plans by your budget. Several budget-friendly machines are available; however, it is imperative to prioritize quality over cost. A more expensive yet sturdy machine can produce better designs and last longer.

FAQs for Shirt Embroidery Machine

1. Can you use an embroidery machine on a shirt?

Yes, it’s pretty easy. To embellish your shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, or polo shirts, and hoodies, you can use an embroidery machine. You can even add design to already embroidered shirts to make them more trendy and colorful. 

2. How do you embroider a shirt with a regular sewing machine?

A simple sewing machine can be used to embroider a shirt. Water-soluble stabilizers, embroidery threads, and footers are all you’ll need for this project. First, draw a design with a stabilizer on your shirt and then trace it with your sewing machine. Your embroidered shirt will be ready in a short time.

3. What is the most popular embroidery machine for shirts?

The most popular embroidery machine is the Brother SE1900. This machine is capable of both sewing and embroidering. The long-lasting machine offers a variety of designs and is simple to operate.

4. How to do embroidery on clothes with the machine? 

Embroidering the clothes is not an easy task. It requires skills and learning. However, we are going to tell you 09 simple ways which can lead to perfection. While adhering to these steps, you can embroider your clothes quite well. 

  • Get the garment you wish to embroider
  • Get the necessary equipment
  • Select a specific position where you wish to embroider the cloth 
  • Select the design you want to embroider the cloth with 
  • Decide on color scheme 
  • Get your cloth ready for embroidery. Position it accordingly. 
  • Decide on the thread of the embroidering
  • Transfer that certain pattern from the computer to the machine
  • Start embroidering the clothes through your embroidery machine 

5. How to hoop a shirt for machine embroidery? 

In order to hoop a shirt for machine embroidery, you need to be very careful with its placement. For correct placement, you need to iron the shirt. Place the grid on the cloth and mark the lines with a marker. You can get the right marks with the help of a ruler. 

Now you have to add the stabilizer. The shirt has to be placed on top of the mesh. Iron the shirt to get the crinkles away. Now put the hoop inside such that its outer part is inside the cloth. Again place the grid on the cloth. After obtaining the right dimensions, place the outer cover of the hoop and you are done. 


Embroidery trends can never go out of fashion. Embroidering your favorite shirt or hoodie is a fun activity and makes you stylish. Giving your shirts a more customized look boosts your confidence and expresses your creativity. Therefore, we have gathered the best embroidery machine for shirts & hoodies list. Depending on your preference and need of the hour, you can choose any shirt embroidery machine for your domestic or commercial purpose.

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