Brother SE1900 Review

Are you interested in finding a trustworthy sewing machine for your home business? If you are looking for a professional sewing machine, I have brought something special for you, the Brother SE1900 review. It is a versatile sewing and embroidery machine which has been the most debatable product in the market. However, it features some incredible features and functions with an attractive price tag.

Therefore, you’ll get to know about this feature-rich and exclusive-designed sewing machine available on the market. This machine comes with numerous spectacular specifications that make it stand out from its competitors and deliver superb execution. This article gives you detailed knowledge about this product, from its price to its features and performance.

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So, without wasting further time, let’s dig into the review of Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine.

Brother SE1900 Review

When buying a sewing-cum-embroidery machine, many people get muddled in picking the most reliable and consistent product because the market is overcrowded with such items. In these circumstances, Brother supervises the innovation and offers some unique models to its customers. The Brother SE1900 is one of them.

Brother SE1900

Brother SE1900


  • Embroidery & Sewing Combo
  • 138 Embroidery Designs
  • 11 Built-in Fonts
  • Large 5×7 Embroidery Field

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The Brother SE1900 is an upgraded version of the previous SE1800, now considered the best embroidery machine ever. So, if you have been wandering to get a trusty machine for home business, there could be no better option than the Brother SE1900.

The Brother SE1900 sewing and embroidery machine comes with 138 integral embroidery designs and 240 decorative sewing stitches, which provide different designs such as zigzag, geometric, scallops, etc. You will get several embroidery designs which include floral, kid, seasonal, and other preprogrammed designs. Moreover, this machine contains ten frame shapes. You can easily adjust the size, rotation, and mirror image of these frames with one touch.

Other than that, the dimensions of its working field are 7 x 5 inches, which is sufficient for making large designs and lettering. This machine is upgraded from 4 x 4 inches to provide you with adequate space to create embroidery designs. Then, you’ll discover an LCD that has a large 3.2-inch display. This colored LCD screen has made many people’s lives quick and easy. You can preview the designs and colors on this display and decide whether or not it suits the fabric. Once the design seems perfect to you, start making the design. Isn’t it just fabulous?

Moreover, there are 11 monogramming fonts for lettering, including three Japanese, seven English, and one Cyrillic font. You can modify the size and structure of these fonts with the help of a button. Other than preset fonts and embroidery designs, you can always download them from a PC or mobile phone if you want more designs. A USB port is also given in this machine, specifically there to import different designs of your choice.

Several other features include an automatic needle threader which helps you insert the thread into the needle’s eye. You have to do nothing, just pull the thread from the guides on the machine and pull the lever, and the thread will be across the needle. See, it’s that easy! Similarly, the drop-in bobbin also works automatically. You don’t have to remove its case. Just simply drop it into the jam-resistant bobbin system. At last, drop the feed dog upon the fabric and sew in a free motion. You can even draw your designs.

So, if you are a professional sewing and embroidering expert and looking for a machine with several features, look at none other than the Brother SE1900 machine. This machine delivers all the functions that match your needs and help you achieve your embroidery tasks efficiently.

Key Features

Item Weight22 pounds
Dimensions23.19 x 13.43 x 11.54 inches
Working MechanismTreadle powered
Bobbin TypeTop drop-in
Working Field5 x 7 inches
Speed (SPM)850 (sewing) – 650 (embroidery)
Display TypeTouch LCD
Warranty25 years (limited)

What will you get?

brother se1900 with accessories
  • 1 embroidery foot
  • 3 screwdrivers
  • 4 bobbins
  • 7 monogramming feet
    • Blind stitch
    • Buttonhole
    • Button fitting
    • Button sewing
    • Overcasting
    • Zigzag
    • Zipper
  • 5×7-inch embroidery field
  • Cleaning brush
  • Extra spool pin contraption
  • Eyelet punch
  • Foot controller
  • Grid sheet set
  • Power cord
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Smart color LCD touchscreen display
  • Spool caps
  • Spool net
  • USB port for importing designs

Brother SE1900 Specifications

The Brother SE1900 is a special and unique combo sewing and embroidery machine manufactured from top-of-the-line material and great power to provide you with sturdy embroidery functions. One conspicuous thing about the device is that you can use a single unit for both purposes. So whether you want to embroider, sew, knit, or decorate a shirt, blankets, or a pair of socks, there you go in a flash.

Brother SE1900 Embroidery Machine

The real magic is shown when the machine is turned on. Its numerous features not only help in conveying miraculous performance but also impact optimistically on the overall appearance. Underneath, I have mentioned each feature in detail to inform you about which feature is specified for what purpose.

These automatic features and specifications help you get your projects completed more efficiently.

Automatic Needle Threader

Oh! Threading the needle by hand could be one of the biggest nightmares. Every time I prick my finger with me, most of the time I thread the needle. But Thank God! With an unconventional needle threader in the Brother SE1900 sewing machine, you don’t need to worry about inserting the thread into the needle’s eye by hand. The whole system is automatic; you just need to bend the thread around the gadget and pull the lever on the side. Then, the thread will cross through the needle’s eye automatically immediately.

Ensure that the presser foot is not down while threading the needle; otherwise, this process may not work precisely. Again, this is something you need to get used to. Once you get familiar with this procedure, you can save your precious time and effort.

However, you should be careful of executing this process in a hurry because the needle may break if you work fast with it.

Top-Down and Drop-In Bobbin

The Bobbin twist is set on the top of the machine. Then the bobbin is dropped into the bobbin case on the machine’s base. The top-down bobbin means that the bobbin is just loaded on the top of the bobbin case instead of horizontally like other machines.

With the quick bobbin setup, you don’t need to draw the bobbin thread up by yourself. Instead, the machine itself pulls it up once you begin sewing. Since this machine works automatically overall, you can still pull the bobbin thread up manually if you want to do so.

When you discover that the bobbin thread is working sluggishly, it means it’s time to replace it. The one downside you may find in this machine is that the bobbin runs low in the middle of the sewing task.

Huge Work Space with LED Lights

Usually, many embroidery machines are made in a compact size, but the Brother always surprises its clients by delivering everything spectacular. Therefore, the primary and notable feature in the Brother SE1900 machine is the vast working field which is 5 x 7 inches that let you execute your embroidery and monogramming task with less effort. This working area is much larger than the space of an ordinary embroidery machine which is typically 4 x 4 inches.

Other than that, this space is provided with an integrated LED light that allows you to see every attention to detail either on the dark fabric or under dim lights. You can turn on this light whenever you start embroidering or sewing to reduce maximum mistakes.

Incorporated Stitches and Embroidery Designs

The Brother SE1900 sewing and embroidery machine comes with 240 integrated sewing stitches along with 11 fonts, ten buttonholes, ten frames, and 138 embroidery designs. Of course, you may be thinking, these features can be found in any embroidery and sewing machine, but there’s something newer.

This machine offers up to eight English fonts, including Block 01, Brussels Demi Outline, Calgary Medium, Greek Block, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Serif 01, and Sicilia Light Italic. These fonts allow you to choose the same letter in several different fonts. But if you are a beginner sewer, you may get confused with these options.

Colored LCD Touchscreen Display

I used the most straightforward embroidery machine a few years ago, which didn’t contain such remarkable features. I created an embroidery design on black fabric, and when it was completed, it looked disgusting on that fabric. Today, thanks to Brother, which offers a large LCD with embroidery machines.

With a 3.2-inch large LCD touchscreen display, you will see the embroidery designs along with their colors on a specific fabric. You can decide whether or not the design looks good on a particular color and fabric of cloth before creating it. Watching embroidery designs on the material allows you to edit it and make changes as you want. Then, you can decide if the design looks good.

Download Embroidery Designs

There is a USB port given in this machine through which you can connect your mobile, laptop, tablet, or any device with the machine to transfer and download new designs. If you feel that none of the built-in embroidery designs look good on the piece of cloth, you can create your own. Simply download it, connect your device with the Brother SE1900, transfer the design, and create it. See, it’s that simple!

Multiple Sewing Feet

With the Brother SE1900, you will get seven sewing feet, which come in a stylish tray. These feet are kept in this tray which is further stored inside the accessories compartment. For me, this was a fascinating part of this machine. When I opened this machine, I found it pretty attractive.

However, these seen sewing feet are used for different purposes. Each of them is discussed below:

Blind Stitch Foot

Creates blind stitch on the fabrics

Buttonhole Foot

For sewing perfect sized buttonhole

Button Fitting Foot

Sews on a button

Monogramming Foot

For decorative stitching

Overcasting Foot

To finish the edges and create a seam

Spring-Action Zigzag Foot

For regular stitching

Zipper Foot

For adding a zipper

Other than these sewing feet, you can purchase more, but make sure they are compatible with your machine.

Automatic Thread Cutter

Another exceptional feature in the Brother SE1900 is the automatic thread cutter. This feature automatically trims the end of the thread once the sewing project is completed. This feature is only available for sewing purposes. But if you are done with the embroidery on a fabric, it does not cut the jump threads. You have to do this manually or upgrade your machine.

Reverse and Sideway Stitching

If you don’t want to rotate the whole fabric to sew it in the backward position, you’ve got a suitable machine. With the Brother SE1900 sewing machine, you can choose the auto-reverse to sew option. This feature allows you to stitch the fabric in a reverse direction.

Well, the reverse stitching may be found in several sewing machines, but have you heard of sideway sewing? If you have kept your machine in a small area or there is no space to move the fabric, you can choose the sideway stitching option to sew the fabric from left and right. It’s indeed a fantastic specification in the Brother SE1900.

Automatic Tension

Generally, several sewing machines come with a manual dial to adjust the tension, but the Brother SE1900 series has automatically offered this feature. It means, when you select the machine for sewing, the machine will set the strain itself as per the chosen stitch. Of course, you may go manual if you’re not satisfied with its auto function. But this feature is pretty much time-efficient.

Built-in RAM

Although most machines allow you to transfer embroidery designs for customized stitching or embroidery, they don’t allow you to store them for future use. However, the Brother SE1900 machine already has a built-in memory that permits you to download your designs in the machine and keep them for an extended period.

Free Motion Sewing

Don’t let the obstacles block your creativity. The Brother SE1900 machine allows you to create your unique embroidery designs by choosing the free-motion option. This feature will enable you to quickly sew and create designs in an accessible manner. Just select this option and make whatever you want.

Knee Lifter

Then you’ll find a knee lifter that permits you to lift your presser foot with your knee. You don’t need to free your hands from working; just use your knee to adjust the foot presser. This feature is often found in high-end embroidery and sewing machines, but you would get it in this standard machine.

The Positives


The entirely digitized machine offers hundreds of options for both entry-level and professional-grade sewers. In addition, this machine is tremendously easy to use because the whole setup is fully computerized, so you don’t need to perform any task manually. Instead, you can use different features with the click of a button and take your project to an extraordinary level.

However, if you’re a beginner, you may not be able to use all of its features until you get aware of them. But, it is a well-built sewing and embroidery machine that works for decades reliably.

Integral Designs

The Brother SE1900 computerized sewing and embroidery machine also comes with built-in embroidery designs, making it a multipurpose and flavored machine. You will find up to 138 designs and 11 font styles to create. These designs include numbers, letters, flowers, shapes, and multi-colored pictures.


You can adjust various features in this machine. From changing the brightness of the LCD to controlling the sewing speed, you’ve got everything in one machine. As a result, the Brother SE1900 is considered the most adaptable sewing and embroidery machine with the most flexible adjustability.

LCD Panel

An LCD panel is undoubtedly the most helpful addition to the Brother SE1900 machine, which makes the overall operation of the machine spontaneous and straightforward. With the help of a sizeable colored display, you can select any design and watch how it looks on the fabric. This thing saves you time and effort from making a new design again.

Thread Sensor

The Brother SE1900 machine contains sensors that will inform you that it’s time to stop and change the threads. However, this feature is only helpful for sewing purposes. If you are doing embroidery with multiple threads, detecting individual threads could be difficult for the machine.


This model also provides you with custom stitching and embroidering. All you need to do is select the My Custom Stitch option and create your designs. Of course, you can use embroidery designing software to make your designs. But you can follow one trick_ sketch on paper with a pencil and insert it into the machine. You may find this process a bit difficult, but if you master making your designs, then who has stopped you?

Sideway Sewing

It is an incredible feature that is different from regular stitching. Instead of sewing backward and forward, this machine can sew left and right too. An embroidery function comes with convenience when you’re working on tight corners and unable to maneuver the whole fabric.

Brand Exposure

Who doesn’t know Brother in the electronics industry? This company is known to construct superior equipment, whether it is an embroidery machine, fax machine, printers, typewriters, or anything. However, it is more famous for delivering high-quality sewing and embroidery machines that fulfill your daily-life needs. This brand manufactures all kinds of devices for entry-level enthusiasts and professionals with advanced digitalization.

Talking about the Brother’ worth in the industry, this brand is ranked in the top ten sewing machine manufacturers. What’s more? The brother sewing machine series is renowned because it never compromised on delivering durable models with excellent features and performance that serve long service in life.

In this brand, you’ll find plenty of options; whether your requirements include budget-friendly, professional, residential, commercial, beginners, sewing, or embroidery machine, you’ll get a reliable one from Brother.

However, Brother launches a special series known as the “SE series,” which means Sewing and Embroidery. This series offers a machine with a two-in-one feature of sewing and embroidering. In my opinion, this series has made people’s lives far better because it allows you to invest in a single piece and provides numerous benefits. In addition, it is beneficial in saving your money, effort, and space for two machines.

The Negatives

Expensive Unit

Well, there is no doubt that $999 is pretty much the amount, so you may find this embroidery machine quite pricey. But, in my opinion, if you are about to start a home embroidery business, you should not compromise on the quality of the product, and a quality product will be expensive, of course. But, it is a one-time investment that will go for decades.

Loud Machine

Some users have complained that this machine makes pretty much noise while functioning. Also, unlike the Brother SE600 machine, you cannot use this machine at night because it may disturb everybody’s sleep in your home. So, if you are looking for a clam embroidery machine, this may not be the perfect choice for you.

Lack Some Features

This machine lacks some features such as auto height adjustment, on-screen text editing, and embroidery speed, etc. Although these extra features are usually not required by a beginner, you may become disappointed if you are an expert and looking for such options.

Brother SE1900 Comparisons

If you are about to start an embroidery and sewing business on a low level, you must be wondering why you should opt for the Brother SE1900. To take you out of this perplexity, I have compared this model with other Brother Sewing and Embroidery machines. So that you could decide better if a particular model meets your requirements. 

Brother SE1900 vs. Brother PE800

brother se1900 vs pe800

First of all, you need to understand that SE and PE are two different series of Brother. When you hear the Brother PE series, those machines are only used for embroidery purposes. But theSE series is helpful in both sewing and embroidery.

So the primary and most noticeable difference between the Brother SE1900 and PE800 is that the PE800 is simply an embroidery machine that does not execute sewing projects. However, with the SE1900, you can sew, embroider, quilt, hem, or whatever you want. But due to its two-in-one purpose, the SE1900 may cost you more than the PE800 machine.

Talking about the embroidery_ the two machines feature the same 138 integrated embroidery designs and multiple frames and fonts. Moreover, both of them are used similarly for embroidery purposes. Therefore, they offer the maximum working field of 5 x 7 inches and deliver premium embroidery. The colored LCD touchscreen display is also inbuilt in both models to preview the embroidery design or colors and edit them before actually creating on the fabric. Then there is the facility of USB ports. Through this port, you can connect any device with the machine and import various designs.

Concisely, both machines contain almost similar features and work the same, but you cannot perform sewing and stitching tasks with the Brother PE800.

For a detailed comparison, read the Comparison guide between Brother SE1900 vs PE800

Brother SE1900 vs. Brother SE600

brother se1900 vs se600

Another Brother machine which I have compared is from the same series, SE600. This machine is also pretty similar to the Brother SE1900, but you may not be as robust. The most common feature amongst the two is that they are dual-purpose sewing-cum-embroidery machines.

Beginning with some fundamental specifications in the two models. Both machines come with an incorporated LCD color display to watch and preview the embroidery design on the fabric more closely. In addition to this, they come with seven sewing presser feet, including blind stitch, button sewing, buttonhole, monogramming feet, overcasting, spring action zigzag, and zipper.

Moreover, you can add more patterns into the machine through a USB port and download them. Unlike conventional embroidery machines, these designs will remain in the machine’s storage for as long as you want.

If I compare the two models_ the Brother SE600 machine comes with 80 embroidery designs and six English fonts only. However, the Brother SE1900 offers far more, including seven English font styles and up to 138 embroidery designs. The working field also differs_ the SE600 comes with 4 x 4 inch and the SE1900 has a large 5 X 7 inches of area.

Moving towards the sewing speed and features_ the Brother SE600 contains 103 stitches and works on 710 SPM sewing speed. On the other hand, the different model is more potent than functions on 850 SPM and offers 240 stitches.

Now that you have seen the difference between the Brother SE1900 and SE600. Although the two models offer similar features, the SE1900 is found to be more powerful and reliable, operates at higher speed, and features more specifications.

FAQs of Brother SE1900

Can you quilt with the Brother SE1900?

The Brother SE1900 is an effective all-in-one machine that can be used for sewing, embroidering, quilting, and everything. This machine is pretty quick to use that contains a vast working field to make elaborated embroidery designs. Besides, it is ideal for beginners and professionals.

What does the Brother SE1900 come with?

There are several accessories included in the Brother SE1900 package. These accessories include:

Embroidery and monogramming feet, screwdrivers, bobbins, monogramming feet, 5×7-inch embroidery field, cleaning brush, extra spool pin contraption, eyelet punch, foot controller, grid sheet set, power cord, scissors, seam ripper, bright color LCD touchscreen display, spool caps, spool net, and USB port for importing designs.

Can I change embroidery designs?

Absolutely! You can edit built-in embroidery designs by rotating or flipping their positions. Moreover, you can change the size of the image as well. Just make it big or small by pressing one button. Another fantastic feature about this machine is if you like half of the design one and half of the second one, combine them and create a new design.

Coming towards the font sizes of the lettering, you can either change them. If you don’t like the letters straight, change their structure into arcs or circles. Besides, you have the option to alter their colors as well.

Does the Brother SE1900 cut jump stitches?

Unfortunately no! The Brother SE1900 machine does not have the feature that cuts the jump stitches. However, other Brother machines such as PE535 and PE800 perform this job proficiently.

Can I use the Brother SE1900 as a beginner?

Why not! The Brother SE1900 is a user-friendly machine that works powerfully. If you are a beginner and do not know how to use a sewing machine, you won’t get confused with this model. Every feature of this model is automatic. It has a decent size and comprises a colored display that can be operated with your fingertips. But as a beginner, you may not purchase such an expensive machine.

How can I troubleshoot the Brother SE1900 embroidery machine?

Make sure to use the correct fabric material to prevent the needle from breaking or any user error. Different fabrics require different needle types, threads, and stabilizers. Therefore you should identify the fabric before starting working on it. Besides, you should thread the needles correctly and twist your bobbin in the proper manner.

Does the Brother SE1900 machine offer warranty?

Absolutely yes! When you purchase this item, the manufacturers offer you a limited warranty for 25 years. You can take advantage of this warranty in case the machine stops working. Not only this but there is also a one-year warranty for its accessories. So you don’t need to worry.

Brother SE1900 Review – Conclusion

So, this was all about the Brother SE1900 Review. If you have been looking for a versatile two-in-one sewing and embroidery machine from a trustworthy company, the Brother SE1900 is a perfect option for you. This machine provides an influential power to stitch the fabric efficiently. With this model, you can begin your embroidery home business effortlessly. Furthermore, this machine allows you to access thousands of fonts, designs, and patterns.

You can use this machine for any purpose, such as sewing, embroidering, quilting, knitting, hemming, etc. It can handle numerous kinds of fabrics; that’s why it is ideal for small-scale residential businesses. In addition, every feature of this machine is fully automatic so that you don’t have to struggle with manual functions. These auto functions save your time and effort.

Now, you must not have any doubts about deciding on the Brother SE1900 sewing and embroidery machine. I have discussed every single feature in detail to ensure that you are investing in a worthwhile product that goes for decades.

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