Brother SE600 Review

If you are an entry-level sewer and looking for some reliable embroidery machines, you might have heard the Brother SE600 so many times by various professionals. Well, this model is indeed one of the leading choices for beginners, but is it worthwhile?

The fact is that most of the machines are not ideal for embroidery, and the specific embroidery machines do not fit for sewing purposes. So then why is the Brother SE600 machine considered the best? Well, let’s review this model and identify some of its key features along with benefits and downsides. By the end, you will be able to decide whether this product meets your requirements or not. 

Brother SE600 Review

When you go to pick the most reliable and user-friendly sewing and embroidery machine for beginner’s level, you will find Brother SE600. It is a fantastic type of sewing-cum-embroidery machine that delivers two services at a time, and an incredible thing about this model is that it isn’t expensive at all.

Brother SE600

Best Value for the Money

Brother SE600 is an entry-level home embroidery machine that holds a single needle and offers sewing and embroidery specs. This machine enables you to sew multiple stitch types and create numerous embroidery designs on a 4 x 4-inch hoop area.

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The Brother SE600 is an upgraded version of the prior Brother SE400 machine, which was very popular with advanced features and specifications. Well, remaining on our main product, the SE600 holds many optimistic feedbacks and reviews from its users. 

Conversely, after being constructed, this machine has been tested to measure its execution, versatility, functionality, and other features. However, this machine outclasses all testing parameters and ends up being a miraculous product. Therefore, Brother SE600 should be an absolute choice for beginners with the price as a significant concern.

This latest version comes with numerous features, and the most significant part is its two-in-one design that can be used for both sewing and embroidery. In addition, this model provides an opportunity to preview the design before creating it so that you can determine more clearly whether or not the design looks fantastic.

Brother SE600 is a fully digital sewing-cum-embroidery machine that contains 103 inbuilt stitches and allows you to sew on heavy or light fabric hassle-freely. Besides, this machine also enables you to decorate your sewing project with stunning stitches such as shapes, flowers, waves, scallops, etc. With such fabulous features and pocket-friendly prices, what else could be the best option other than the Brother SE600 sewing and embroidery machine?

When you buy this machine, you will get various accessories as well. Have a look at them.

What’s inside the Box?

  • 3 bobbins pre-wound
  • 4 x 4 inches embroidery hoop
  • 7 Sewing feet, which include:
    • Blind stitch
    • Button sewing
    • Buttonhole
    • Monogramming feet
    • Overcasting
    • Spring action zigzag
    • Zipper
  • Cleaning brush
  • Disk-shaped screwdriver
  • Embroidery arm
  • Embroidery foot
  • English/Spanish operation manual
  • Foot controller
  • Four spool caps
  • Machine dust cover
  • Power cord
  • Quick start guide
  • Scissors
  • Six-piece needle set
  • Spool net
  • Three bobbin clips
  • Twin needle, darning plate
  • Two bobbins

Key Specs

If you are thinking of picking a fully digital machine that executes both sewing and embroidering jobs flawlessly, look beyond the Brother SE600 machine. Of course, this mechanical machine is the beginner’s first choice who usually doesn’t prefer to choose computerized models on initial levels; still, it’s an excellent option for them.

Brother SE600

So, let’s take a look at the key specifications of the Brother SE600 sewing machine. I have covered all of its features on the list below to get a better idea about why you should never miss buying this incredible machine.

Sewing cum Embroidery Machine

First things first, the Brother SE600 is a two-in-one sewing cum embroidery machine that wholly works digitally. It means you do not need to invest in a sewing machine and an embroidery machine separately. Instead, you can save a few dollars by purchasing this extremely affordable two-in-one machine. Once you get it, you can perform sewing jobs perfectly, hem ripped cloth, and showcase your embroidery skills as well.

Multipurpose Sewing Feet

Brother SE600 sewing machine comes with seven different feet that provide your work with a stunning element without any stress. These feet include zigzag, monogramming, blind stitch, overcasting, buttonhole, button sewing, and zipper. Isn’t that just fantastic? In addition, the adaptability of this machine provides you with the liberty of taking any project of your choice and end it up with great versatility.

Wide Work Field

Like most Brother Embroidery machines, the Brother SE600 also comes with a wise working area of 4 x 4 inches. This machine is already aligned to aid you with the embroidery and offers a precise hoop size so that you can re-hoop with the blink of an eye.

Other than that, a removable arm is indeed useful for sewing sleeves or other small but complex areas. These arms are paired with remarkable embroidery feet to take your tasks to better dimensions and new heights.

Automatic Thread Cutter

The automatic thread-cutter has become quite popular in all digital sewing machines because many machines now come with an accustomed thread cutter on the computerized machine to bring ease to your life. Since it is hard for many people to find the needle eye, insert the thread in it, and then cut it from the edge. This feature has come to help you with struggle and stress because it keeps changing thread automatically.

Not only this, but the automatic finishing option is also there that tightens with the back-stitch to conduct neat and clean stitching.

Touch LCD Display

This is one of the most excellent additions to the Brother SE600 machine that enables you to see your embroidery designs before creating them on the fabric. It helps you understand how a specific embroidery design will look after completion. Additionally, this LCD panel has the size of 3.2-inch, which is wide enough to easily see and edit your designs. You can also change the thread color and see everything in preview mode. 

The colored LCD lets you see the exact colors, which will accelerate your embroidery procedure. In addition, you can identify whether a particular pattern looks good on fabric or not before transferring it to the cloth.

Integrated Lettering Fonts

Six built-in lettering fonts make your embroidery experience more enjoyable. They make it easier for you to give a unique touch to all your designs. These font letters come in various sizes, ranging from small to large. Also, you can get fonts in either capital or small cases and symbols and numbers. So, why not try it out and boost your creativity.

Over Hundred Sewing Stitches

With Brother SE600, you would get 103 preloaded stitches which are adequate to fulfill your projects. If you’re not too choosy about your sewing machine, this is an excellent choice for you. There is a chance that you’ll use only half of the sewing stitches. These stitches deliver versatility in sewing, especially when you’re embroidering. Other than that, these sewing stitches include numerous designs such as Greek keys, heats, decorative scrolls, waves, stars, feathers, scallops, and many other designs.

Importable Designs

Here comes another feature in Brother SE600 that rocked the world. With this machine, you will get a USB port to import your favorite embroidery designs and download them to the machine quickly. Now that whether you create an embroidery design by yourself or import it from the internet, you can quickly transfer any sort of design by connecting your mobile phone, tablet, or even PC through a USB port and start working on your creativity. However, bear in mind, you will not get a USB drive along with the machine.

In-Built Embroidery Designs

Well, I must say you don’t need to download more designs from outside because the machine comes with approximately 80 incorporated embroidery designs for creating new d├ęcor on your fabric. Furthermore, the device holds a specific internal memory to store these designs and more. Thus, if you do not find some suitable designs, you can import your choice. But in my opinion, they’re already enough.

LED Lighting

You may not want to sew in dark pitch situations, but if you’re sewing and embroidering your favorite design for your loved one and the area becomes unlit, what will you do? No worries! Brother SE600 offers an LED light to keep your sewing project continued in poor lighting or even in the dark. This feature will light the needle area to see the embroidery designs on the fabric or stitching pattern. Yet, if you are working with dark-colored fabric, the LED lights also help you keep your focus and save your eyes from stressing out.

Automatic Needle Threader

Whether designing a colorful embroidery design using multi-colors, you definitely won’t want to be frustrated by using a manual needle threader. With a manual needle threader, you have to insert the thread in the needle every time you want to change its color, and that’s awful.

Therefore, you do not need to struggle with multiple threads with the programmed needle threader in the Brother SE600 embroidery machine. It not only saves your time but protects your eyes from straining out as well. You can use this feature by simply pressing the lever. I guess this is one of the most eye-catching specifications in Brother Machine.

Silent Operation

Unlike other sewing machines, the Brother SE600 works very calmly. It is so quiet that you can even use it at night. This handy sewing machine makes a shallow sound while functioning that neither disturbs people around you nor yourself. For me, it’s a positive point that shouldn’t be overlooked while buying the best sewing machine. So, adopt the Brother SE600 machine to prevent yourself from headaches.

Flexible Free Arms

Then comes expandable free arms that provide space for your extra work and diminish the stress of sewing a trouser hem or a sleeve cuff. The flexible free arms will make your work super easy and get it done promptly.

Built-In Tutorials

To operate this machine, the machine comes with integral tutorials to help newbies learn about how to use the device. These tutorials will guide you about how you can use this single machine for sewing and embroidering. Other than that, you will learn about the usage of other features as well. You can watch these illustrative tutorials on the LCD.

User Manual

Other than visual tutorials, you will get a user manual or an instructions guide written in a very easy-to-understand and comprehensive way. The language used in the book is mediocre, which is understandable by anyone to get solutions to your problems. You can refer to this book anywhere you’re not getting any point. However, once you get your package, it is advised to read the manual before starting practically for better understanding.

Foot Pedal

Although the overall machine is computerized and fully automatic, if you want to use this machine manually for controlling speed, a digital foot pedal is given with this machine. However, you need to practice for some time to get used to this feature. Once you get used to it, you can pair it with the speed adjustments on the machine to set and get the desired speed.

Further Accessories

Further, the machine comes with numerous accessories to deliver a nice touch to the product. Anyhow, these additional accessories include a foot controller as well that helps you get the correct pressure while using the sewing feet. Moreover, there is a dust cover to protect your machine from dirty environments. 

Pros and Cons of Brother SE600

To make yourself more transparent, I have put together several upsides and downsides of the Brother SE600 embroidery machine. Once you identify its merits and demerits, you will be able to decide whether the device fulfills your desires or it is just a complete waste of time. 

Advantages of Brother SE600


Many critics have admired this machine when it comes to convenience and user-friendliness. This machine comes with the right arm length, which makes it quite handy. If you want to cut a thread effortlessly, the tread cutter is right in front of the machine. Further, this machine runs at a pretty faster speed. Therefore it is advised to press the lower speed switch.

The overall dimensions of this machine are just super practical. This machine weighs less than 30lbs, which means it isn’t too heavy to hold and move. You can bring this machine every day to your class without any pain.

In addition to this, the bobbin case is jam-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about it being locked, unlike other machines. Its amazingly convenient features and design are great for beginners and those who want something compact.


The Brother SE600 machine appears to be pretty complicated because of its numerous features and digital functions, but it is the most accessible machine to set up. Once you’ve threaded the bobbin, you can simply put it in the bobbin case near the needle plate and let the thread’s end suspend through the lid. Now, thread the machine using the tension rod and manual guide.

Although there is an automatic needle threader to thread the needle, you can do it yourself as well. Once you’re done, choose your stitch, embroidery design, stretching length, and width from the touchscreen. Then, at last, push the pedal and go on. It is not a time-consuming process at all. Just set up your machine and run it quickly.


Brother SE600 machine comprises 103 integrated stitches, which are very easy to notice why many users appreciate this machine. Well, the fact is that this machine delivers both sewing and embroidery services to provide you with more flexibility. 

This machine has got all the necessary features along with some additional accessories. So whether you’re making a quilt, sewing a border, or embroidering a shirt, Brother SE600 is an all-rounder sewing-cum-embroidery machine to fulfill all your needs.


Well, this machine weighs approximately 26.2lbs which is neither too light nor heavy. Still, you carry this machine from one room to another quickly and even take it to your sewing classes regularly. Just cover this machine using the dust cover and take it wherever you want.


This machine also comes with the facility to connect it with your mobile or PC via USB ports to download and import unlimited designs. So now you are not bound with the specific built-in designs, but you can create any design of your own choice.

Color Touchscreen

Here comes the colored touchscreen that helps you make countless editing, a preview of designs before making them, and eliminating maximum blunders.


If you think you may not afford this machine with these so many features, you are wrong. This machine is a highly affordable option for those who are looking to learn embroidering and sewing reasonably. Believe me; you won’t get such a versatile product with a remarkable performance at this low price tag.


The Brother SE600 embroidery and sewing machine offer a limited warranty for 25 years. However, this warranty is for Chassis Casting only. You will get a one-year warranty for its parts to keep them durable. However, don’t forget to save its receipt after you purchase this product to avail of the warranty.

Top Brand Product

Brother is one of the renowned and trusted brands in the sewing machine industry because of several reasons. One reason is that this brand ranks amongst the oldest sewing machine manufacturers all across the world. Other than sewing and embroidery machines, the company has also delivered high-quality fax machines, printers, and other pieces of equipment.

Brother was introduced in Japan more than 11 decades ago, and today it serves millions of customers all over the globe. This brand has also won numerous awards for various models such as Brother PE800, Brother XR9550PRW, Brother CS6000i, and Brother PE770n as top-of-the-line products in the market.

Concisely, Brother manufactures premium-quality, budget-friendly, and highly versatile sewing and embroidery machines and has achieved numerous Nobel prizes for its next-level technologically digital products and remarkable performance.

Disadvantages of Brother SE600

Needles May Break

Some users have complained about the needle breakage because they are not suitable for adequately thick fabric. It is a pretty significant issue with the Brother SE600 machine, but it does not happen every time. The needles come with the machine within the package, so nothing could happen unless the manufacturers deliver some more reliable needles.

Less Durable

This downside isn’t permanent, but some customers have complained that they used this machine for a couple of days and ended up ceasing to function. The durability doesn’t lack in the overall design, but the error arises on the touchscreen, and bobbin locks up. Thankfully you get a warranty to resolve this issue.

Brother SE600 vs. SE400

brother se600 vs se400

As I discussed earlier, the Brother SE600 is an upgraded version of the SE400, which was considered a fully digital and modern embroidery machine of its times. But the central distinction between the two is the upgradation. In addition, the Brother SE600 machine has now comes with USB ports that can easily hold a flash/thumb drive to import or download several embroidery designs.

Although both machines comprise a built-in LCD, the Brother SE600 machine holds a larger screen with a colored display. It is a notable enhancement in this machine, especially for embroidery, that helps you visualize the colors and designs before making them on the fabric. However, it does not seem reasonable to you, and you can edit the designs as well.

Moving forward, the Brother SE600 machine has up to 103 sewing stitches, unlike the SE400, which has only 67 of them. But, on the other hand, there are 80 embroidery designs in the modern machine and 60 in the prior one. So now you can decide better which machine delivers more features and qualities. 

FAQs of Brother SE600

Is Brother SE600 suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Brother SE600 is explicitly made for the beginner. It is a beginner-friendly machine because some tutorials are in-built to help you use this machine. Moreover, the overall device is digital, along with instructions, so that your font needs to tackle the manual functions.

Can Brother SE600 sew leather?

Of course! You can use the Brother SE600 machine for sewing leather and other thick fabrics. This model is an incredible two-in-one machine in the world that offers both sewing and embroidering services at a much lower price.

What is the difference between Brother SE600 and PE800?

The SE600 is a two-in-one sewing and embroidery machine with 80 integrated embroidery designs and 103 sewing stitches. However, the PE800 is only an embroidery machine that incorporates 138 embroidery designs along with lettering fonts. In addition, both of the machines can connect with other devices through USB ports and import numerous embroidery designs.

Which Brother Embroidery machine is the best?

The best Brother Embroidery machine is the SE600 which comes with the features of sewing and embroidering. It executes both jobs incredibly. This machine is mainly designed for beginners and offers a tremendously low price tag.

Can I use Brother SE600 for residential use?

Definitely! The Brother SE600 comes with built-in 103 sewing stitches that allow you to fulfill all of your home projects. In addition, this compact machine can be kept anywhere in your home and does not make a sound while functioning. 

Where can I buy Brother SE600 Machine?

Personally, when I bought Brother SE600 Machine, my first choice was Amazon. However, since Amazon delivers the most trustworthy product to its customers, you can also opt for it from some other forums such as Walmart, Brother, or Sewing Machine Plus. These retailers offer genuine products at competitive prices.

Is Brother SE600 worth it for commercial purposes?

The Brother SE600 is considered an ideal machine for beginners who want to learn and practice sewing and embroidery. Therefore, you may not find it the best to use it for commercial or professional purposes. However, this machine executes regular home tasks efficiently.


So this was Brother SE600 review for sewing and embroidery machine, a fully computerized machine that delivers ideal performance as shown in its advertisement. This machine is excellent for beginner embroiderers who want to learn professional embroidery or sewing because it offers plenty of features, and above all, it’s easy to use.

When I tried this machine personally, it was my first ever encounter with a sewing machine, but believe me; I never felt it was my first experience. Anyway, you may get false stitching or create wrong embroidery designs, but you’ll learn with time and become an expert.

Other than that, if you are seeking an embroidery machine with ample specifications yet budget-friendly, what could be a better option than the Brother SE600 sewing cum embroidery machine? This dual-purpose machine is ideal for both entry-level and advanced-level sewers that go for an extended period durably.

I am an Embroidery & Sewing Enthusiast and a Professional Crafter having a strong passion since my childhood, and currently living in Maryland running my own Embroidery business. I love to write and share amazing tips and guides about sewing and embroidery with unbiased product reviews.

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