Brother PE545 Review

Winner, “Best Overall” for newest technology, easiest to use, and best price!

The PE545 Embroidery machine is the perfect choice for beginners and comes with fun and easy-to-use features.

This machine is both reliable and affordable and sports a style design, generouse workspace, and it comes with 135 built-in designs and 10 lettering fonts.

With speeds up to 400 spm (stitches per minute), a 3.7″ LCD display, an advanced needle threading system including an automatic thread cutter and a 6.4″ x 4.0″ work area (with maximum embroidery area of 4″ x 4″), you can make clothes, create home décor, and even do apparel repairs with ease.

Brother PE545 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE545 Embroidery Machine Features

The PE545 is the perfect machine for beginners looking to explore the creative possibilities of custom embroidery.

Appropriate Embroidery Area

With a 6.4″ x 4.0″ workarea and a maximum embroidery area of 4″ x 4″ you can complete a project with ease. This space is big enough to work on t-shirts, hoodies, bed linens, and pillowcases.

Huge LCD Display

Brother PE545 comes equipped with the new, larger 3.7-inch LCD color touch screen display. You can even do simple on screen editing of your selected design.

Wireless LAN

When you enable the new wireless LAN options you’ll get software update notifications and be able to transmit embroidery files from your PC directly to your machine via free and downloadable software that even helps you manage your designs (no USB required). The software is called, Design Database Transfer — think no USB required — so you can just send and stitch! This is free downloadable software that helps you manage your designs and send them through “PE-Design 11¹/²for even more flexibility.

Artspira Mobile App

You can now dowload the Artispira app for your smartphone and download a variety of patterns or make your by drawing on your mobile device and then transferring them directly to your PE545. With a smartphone and your PE545 you can create while on the go!

Multiple Embroidery Designs

The PP545 has also been upgraded with 135 built-in designs including 75 Motif and 50 (30×2 types) of alphabet and frame designs. You can create a one-of-a-kind design on any cloth, giving it a fresh lease on life. Floral, borders, kids, holiday, and trendy alphabet themes are among PE545’s most popular built-in designs.

Lettering Fonts

10 built-in alphabet fonts are now available, include 10 built-in embroidery letting alphabet fonts, 135 built-in designs and 135 built-in embroidery designs featuring Disney/Pixar characters!

Fonts can also be changed in size and case using the LCD touchscreen. This allows you to create designs in a variety of sizes and forms.

Additionally, numeric characters have been added to this embroidery machine to boost its versatility. So you can add your favorite quotes on your t-shirts or gift the shirts with embroidered wishes to your loved ones. 

Automatic Needle Threader

The Brother PE545 has an automatic needle threader and thread cutter. You have to press the lever, and your needle will thread itself.

USB Ports

This cutting-edge machine is completely digital even though you now have access to enable a wireless LAN, you can still use the included USB port.

Embroidery Drag and Drop

The PE545 has a new feature that lets you Drag and Drop embroidery patterns by positioning and moving them into position pefectly!

Stitching Speed

With this small but highly functional stitching machine, 400 spm (stitches per minute). So, if you’re looking for a portable embroidery machine to use on a large number of DIY projects, the Brother PE545 is the machine for you. 

This is a slower speed that some of the other machines we’ve reviewed. However, many people that are just starting out or getting used to embroidery report that its a good idea not to try to go too fast. We weighed this speed with other machines and determined that this is adequate for most home projects and, along with other features in our comparison, this machine still — easily — obtained a “best overall” rating.

Ibroidery Access has millions of embroidered patterns and logos to choose from. Marvel, Disney-Pixar, and Disney cartoons are the most common designs. If you purchase a Brother PE545, you will have free access to This tool allows you to select any design from your smart device’s screen, change it, and then export it to your machine with ease (either through your Wireless LAN enabled option or USB).

You can also tweak ibroidery designs, obtain a preview, and your fabric will be ready to receive the coolest design possible. 

Instructional Guides

The PE545 also comes equipped with on-machine video guides that are pre-installed on the machine. These videos will help you quickly learn how to operate and get the best use of the functions available.

Bobbin Loading 

This device comes with jam-resistant technology so you can easily wind your threads around the bobbin, and it works efficiently. The integrated bobbin sensor lets you know when a refill is required. 

Brother Pe535 Embroidery Machine Infographic

With many of the same features from the PE535 (as seen above) – you now have wireless LAN and 135 embroidery designs with the PE545!

What Are The Accessories Of Brother PE545?

The list of accessories that you are going to get with this spectacular embroidery machine are:

  • Embroidery foot “Q” (on machine)
  • Bobbin (one is on the machine)
  • Bobbin Case (on machine)
  • Pre-wound Bobbin (90 weight white embroidery bobbin thread)
  • Bobbin Clip
  • Needle Set
  • Seam Ripper
  • Scissors
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Sewdriver and disc-shaped screwdriver
  • Spool cap (1x small and 1x medium; on machine)
  • Thread spool insert (mini king thread spool)
  • Spool Net
  • Embroidery Frame Set 4in x 4in (10cm x 10cm; medium)
  • Accessory Bag
  • Dust Cover
  • Operation Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Embroidery Design Guide

With these multiple accessories, all you have left is to buy some threads and stabilizers and you are ready to embroider your most creative designs on shirts and other fabrics.


Unit Dimensions7.76″ W x 16.50″ D x 12.09″ H
Unit Weight14.07 lbs
Carton Dimensions16.535″ W x 21.181″ D x 15.512″ H
Carton Weight23.92 lbs


Accessory Storage: YesAutomatic Thread Cutter: YesBuilt-In Languages:Yes
Built-In Memory: YesPresser Foot Leveling: YesQuick Set Bobbin: Yes
Realistic Preview: YesStart/Stop Button: YesUL/CSA Listed: Yes
Included Embroidery Feet Advanced Needle Threading SystemBobbin Sensor
Upper Thread SensorNumber of Presser Feet: 1Adjustable Screen Brightness: No
Screen Saver: NoThread Sensor On/Off: NoWide Table Included: No

What Are The Reasons To Buy Brother PE545?

There are so many reasons to buy the Brother PE545 embroidery machine.  With its ease-of-use, large hoop areas, low-prices and accurate stitching using the same new 3.7″ LCD color touchscreen as all of the higher priced models — but none are any where near as budget friendly — this machine gives you almost all of the same capablities as the higher priced machines.

Embroidery Only Machine

The PE545 is an embroidery only. Beginners will find combination embroidery and sewing machines like the SE2000 more difficult and complex to work with than this machine. Additionally, there is no need to buy a more expensive, higher-end combination machine if you already have a functional sewing machine. The draw of this incredible machine is, again, all of the same capabilities at a lower price!

Large Hoop Area

It has the largest square hoop area compared to other embroidery machines on the market at this incredible price range. Furthermore, special alignment tools secure your fabric to a hoop.


In addition to its price, access to the free Artspira app with the ability to share designs, access to the iBroidery platform. You can acquire for free and share embroidery designs all on your smartphone.

Precise and Uniform Stitching

The Brother PE545 accurately embroiders while ensuring uniform, clear and precise stitches with speed. As a result, bulk embroidery patterns on numerous fabrics are always available in a single day. Your design will be consistent across all fabrics, resulting in more precision. This also allows you to draw the same design numerous times on your shirt to achieve visual symmetry.

Easy to Set Up

This machine can become ready to function within seconds. You don’t need to follow any complex methods. All you need to do is:

  • Use spools and motors to add a thread in pre-attached bobbins. 
  • Attach your fabric to a hoop. 
  • Select the design you want to print. 
  • Press enter, and you are good to go.

Following these steps, the machine will start embroidery. If you still find any queries, you always go for video manuals to better understand machine operation. 

Drawbacks of Brother PE535

As nothing is perfect, the same is the case with Brother PE545. We have mentioned some of its drawbacks which are as follows:

Not for Professionals

The Brother PE545 is not designed for professionals as you will eventually need other types of “feet” and accessories which come with some of the higherpriced machines. That’s why professional or more experienced artisans will typically prefer combination sewing and embroidery machines to complete their projects. Novice embroidery enthusiasts can utilize this machine to give their creative embroidery skills a new artistic speech. It is because this device comes with a user-friendly interface. 

Brother PE545 Embroidery Machine

Our Verdict 

This embroidery machine is the right machine for you if you are new to Embroidery or you are looking for the easiest way to emberoider your designs using your smartphone or your computer. The Brother PE545 is well within most people’s budget.

Additionally, this equipment is portable and may be carried around with you as you travel through life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, you cannot sew with Brother PE545. As it is an embroidery-only machine, you must also go for an embroidery and sewing machine if you want a sewing machine.

With the Brother PE545, you can use a larger hoop, called a multi-position hoop. This will leave you from the hassle of re-hooping the fabric. But, remember, the embroidery area will remain the same. 

The Brother PE545 embroidery machine will read the following formats:
.pen (from iBroidery)

Important: Using data other than those saved designs may cause the embroidery machine to malfunction.

Brother PE535 uses a 75/11 home sewing machine needle. However, if you cannot get good results on heavy fabrics with your machine, you should try a 90/14 needle.

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