Best Embroidery Machine UK 2022

The process of embroidery by hand is time-consuming, complex, and exhausting. Moreover, Hand embroidery requires a certain degree of skill and a bit of talent to go with it. To make the embroidery process simple and easily approachable by even beginners in the field, computerized embroidery machines have been developed. These best embroidery machines UK can complete your entire work speedily and efficiently.

Our Top Picks

Brother Innovis F440E

Brother Innovis F440

  • Wide variety of built-in embroidery designs
  • On Screen Editing Availibilty
  • Large 5″ X 7″ embroidery area

Brother FS100WT

Brother FS100WT

  • Free Motion Embroidery
  • Wide variety of sewing stitches
  • Easy to operate or Beginner Friendly

Some Embroidery machines do your work automatically, eliminating any skills required. The ability to finish embroidery designs at double speed is a game-changer if you are a professional embroiderer. In addition, Regular arts and crafts enthusiasts can make great use of these embroidery machines by decorating their shorts, bedsheets, curtains, etc. 

Art and crafts enthusiasts can even turn their hobby into a profession with these advanced machines. As Confucious once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

11 Best Embroidery Machines in the UK in 2022

Product ImageProduct Name RatingPrice
Innovis F440Innovis F440⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
brother fs100wtBrother FS100WT⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
uten 2200UTEN 2200⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
pfaff creative 1.5PFAFF Creative 1.5⭐⭐⭐⭐
innovis v5Innovis V5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Brother Stellaire XJ1Brother Stellaire XJ1⭐⭐⭐⭐
innovis nv870seInnovis NV870SE⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
innovis v3Innovis V3⭐⭐⭐⭐
janome mc 550eJanome MC 550E⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
bernette 79Bernette 79⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
janome atelier 9Janome Atelier 9⭐⭐⭐⭐

You can find different embroidery machines on the market with various features to help you accomplish different embroidery tasks with great ease. There is no end to the design possibilities because you can upload your designs on the machines, although they also come preinstalled.

There are thousands of choices, whether you require your machine for simple monogramming or elaborate floral designs. I have selected the 11 best embroidery machines the UK market has to offer to make your search a breeze in an instant.

1. Brother Innovis F440E – Best Powerful Embroidery-only Machine UK

Brother Innovis F440 Embroidery Machine UK

The Brother Innovis F440 is a feature-packed and one of the best brother embroidery machines in the UK, an excellent option for beginners and experts. It comes with 138 embroidery designs and 11 upper and lower case alphabet designs to decorate your fabrics. There is no need to limit yourself to the designs preinstalled on the Innovis F440E since this embroidery machine is perfect for custom designs and these can easily be uploaded via a USB 2.0 port to this computerized embroidery machine.

The LCD touchscreen on the side allows you to pick designs. In addition, the LCD also enables you to mirror, resize and rotate designs. You can also use the LCD to precisely position a design on the exact spot you require. 

This embroidery machine has an embroidery area of 15 cm x 18 cm, a relatively large size, reducing the frequency of rehooping. The embroidery area also has an LED light making the workspace well lit. The LED is beneficial when working on darker colors or dimly lit areas. The machine also comes with automatic needle threading. As a result, the machine is quick to start up as no time needs to be wasted straining your eyes to thread the needle every time the thread breaks. 

The machine also has a bobbin sensor, which warns when the bobbin is about to run out. If a bobbin is about to run out, drop a bobbin in the specified area, and you are ready to go with the quick-set bobbin feature.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional running a home embroidery business in the UK, this embroidery machine has everything that fulfills your embroidery needs.

Easy to use
Comes with a wide range of accessories
LCD can be used to edit
Sturdy and Robust
Bobbin sensors sometimes fail to function

2. Brother FS100WT – Best Value

Brother FS100WT

The brother FS100WT is different compared to the previous machine listed. This computerized embroidery sewing machine offers free motion embroidery. In this machine, you can choose from 100 stitch designs to stitch out your embroidery drawings, and the LCD will tell you what presser foot to use for each stitch style. However, this machine only offers 55 different lettering characters. 

brother fs100wt infographic

With this affordable model, you will find both foot pedals and stop/start buttons, along with a slider for controlling the speed. This gives this machine more versatility with regards to controlling sewing speed. When using a sewing machine for the first time, slowing down and maintaining complete control are extremely helpful.

Further, it incorporates a bobbin winder to save time by eliminating manual bobbin winding. The automatic needle threader and multiple presser feet make this model a perfect machine for stitching and quilting. 

I found the FS100WT to be pretty sturdy and robust when used. The machine’s weight is only 7.5kg, but it is well balanced and does not move, which is another plus.

Backed by 3 years warranty
The extension table is included
8 presser feet included
LED light to illuminate the work area
The Alphabet Stitch Lacks Flexibility
Stop working after a short time

3. Uten 2200 – Best Affordable Model

Uten 2200

The United Model 2200 is a UK’s cheap embroidery sewing machine yet powerful device capable of sewing 6 layers together without effort. This machine comes with 60 inbuilt stitches to be crazy during stitching. It comes with a combination of LED light and LCD screen, making it effortless to sew. The stitch selection and settings can be controlled easily with the touch of a button. 

In terms of embroidery, Feed dog sinking embroidery can produce beautiful patterns. Best of all, the front load bobbin facilitates a greater degree of stitch precision, and adjustments are more accessible. Different bobbin cases can be inserted during the embroidery process without removing the hoop.

It doesn’t require foot control because the sliding speed control is incredibly effective. Among the convenient features of the digital sewing & embroidery machine is a needle threader allowing the user to thread the machine quickly and easily. Besides, the multiple buttonhole options allow you to be creative in your projects. 

You can manually adjust the stitch length and width to customize quilting sewing machines to fit individual projects. Further, you can easily reach cuffs, collars, and pant hems, for example, by removing the Removable Storage Compartment.

Overall, the Uten is a powerful & budget-friendly sewing machine but a good embroidery machine in the hands of skilled workers and beginners. In addition, the limited stitching designs it has to offer is a big downside.

Rotating button to set stitch width
Offers the ability to adjust the sewing speed
Bobbin winding system with automatic control
Automated needle threader threads the machine quickly and easily
Limited stitch styles
No inbuilt embroidery designs
No option to upload custom designs

4. PFAFF CREATIVE 1.5 – Multifunctional Embroidery Sewing Machine UK

Pfaff Creative 1.5 Embroidery Machine UK

The Pfaff creative 1.5 not only is pleasing to the eye with the vibrant white and red contrast, but it also works exceptionally well. The buttons are made of rubber and feel exceptionally responsive. 

Pfaff Creative 1.5, is known as one of the best sewing and embroidery machine in the UK outcomes with 101 distinctive embroidery designs and 150 stitching styles to get creative in embroidery and sewing. More embroidery designs can easily be uploaded onto the machine via the USB slot available, allowing the creativity inside you to shine through your projects. The machine automatically alters the thread tension with a preinstalled tension feature when selecting a new stitch. 

When the designs are locked and loaded, you can use your PC’s 6D embroidery intro software. The 6D embroidery software allows you to change, customize, overlay, join, turn, reflect, scale, and resize the embroidery design before the machine begins embroidering. 

The pfaff creative 1.5 comes with a vast embroidery area of 24cm x 15cm, which is sufficient for embroidery. The need to rehoop is essentially gone with this. When embroidering speed is critical, Pfaff offers a 40-minute continuous embroidery session, impressive. 

Needle Up/Down feature offer fine stitching
An easily accessible Drop feed lever is attached
Adjustable Speed Control
Mirroring in multiple directions
Accurate stitch placement
The hoops are flimsy
Expensive Model

5. Innov-Is V5 Limited Edition – Best Combo for Home Sewers

Brother Innovis V5

Brother Innovis V5 LE enables you to emulate any unique embroidery design you have seen in an expensive boutique. The Innovis V5 is a swift beast capable of doing 1050 stitches per minute, which allows you to complete your project quickly. 

In addition, the Innovis V5, one of the top brother embroidery machines in the UK comes with an LCD screen that allows you to adjust the stitches, change the design, and see a preview beforehand. The colorful LCD is booted with easy-to-use software, which allows the selection of designs to be as comfortable for the user as possible. The touch screen is also used to adjust the selected designs as a few touches can enlarge, rotate, reduce and combine the designs easily. Lettering can also be added via the LCD.

This computerized embroidery machine comes with 200 built-in trendy embroidery designs and 17 different embroidery fonts. The capabilities are not bound by the built-in designs as a USB can easily upload an infinite number of designs onto the machine. In addition, the vast 20cm x 30cm embroidery area allows for the use of large designs without having to rehoop. 

A stunning feature of this machine is that it has an Eco-mode, a feature that helps reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Offers extra large long arm (11 ¼”, 285mm)
Square Feed Drive System is integrated 
Automatic electronic needle threader
Auto-up and auto-down presser foot for quilters
The locking stitch function ties off threads automatically
Single hoop embroidery size

6. Stellaire Innov-Is XJ1 – Best for Personalized Embroidery Projects

Brother Stellaire XJ1 UK Embroidery Machine

The Stellaire Innov not only has cutting-edge technical features, but It also has magical elements brought by the Disney embroidery designs preinstalled on the machine. The machine has a wide array of Disney designs, perfect for sewing clothes or t-shirts for kids. Creativity knows no bounds when using this machine, as it has 727 total built-in unique embroidery designs, 4 sewing fonts, and 727 stylish stitches. The built-in USB port allows you to import various new images for custom designs. 

The large screen isn’t just for display purposes; it is the gateway to interacting with the machine. The Large 10.1″ LCD comes with a “design centre” built-in, editing and positioning the designs. You can draw straight onto the screen or upload your jpeg files, the machine will automatically convert them into embroidery data, and you are ready to have those designs onto a piece of fabric.

The machine has a large embroidery area measuring 9.5″ x 14″, making rehooping rare in your projects. The positioning of the designs is also pretty easy with Stellaire. Embroidery on quilts is also made relatively easy with a handsome 11.25″ workspace behind the needle. Quilts, heavy coats, curtains and wedding downs are easy to roll up and place in the given workspace. 

In addition to all these functions, the needle has some fantastic features. LED lights around the needle have 5 different light settings reducing glare and shadows. The needle also has automatic needle threading available, so no more straining the eyes trying to align the eye of the needle with threads.

The Square Feed Drive system provides a smooth and robust feed
Colour shuffle with favourite setting
Dual feed foot
Buttonhole foot
Auto jump stitch trimmer
Instructions are confusing
It is heavy and not portable

7. Innov-is NV870SE – Best User-Friendly Features

Innovis Nv870se UK Embroidery Machine

Innov-is NV870SE is a particularly unique machine, as it is designed specifically for embroidery. This machine comes with 258 built-in embroidery designs and gives you the option to upload custom designs with ease via USB. Furthermore, the machine has 13 built-in fonts ideal for monogramming or giving your project the personal touch it needs. In addition, the editing feature allows the quick adjustment in layouts and patterns.  

The LCD has a preview mode, which allows you to see your designs in color and zoom in to see the details. Furthermore, the LCD comes equipped with automatic frame size detection. The screen tells you which design would fit your chosen hoop size perfectly.

The machine comes with 3 hoops, with the largest being 260mm x 160mm. While not the largest compared to other machines, this hoop size can get the work done with minimal rehooping for large designs.

This embroidery machine comes with automatic needle threading, which is a status quo for a machine at this price range. In addition, this embroidery machine includes programmable jump stitch trim, so you don’t have to do it by hand.  

Has an automatic foot down feature
The automatic tensioning of threads
It is capable of stitching up to 850 stitches per minute
 The free Design Database allows you to transfer embroidery data wirelessly
The upper and lower threads are automatically detected
Quality is not guaranteed
Get jammed at times

8. Innov-is V3 – Best Design-Editing Features

Innovis V3

INNOV-IS V3 is a machine that has many powerful features. This machine comes with a beautiful, bright, clear, and full-color LCD attached to the side. Easy-to-use software is built into the LCD, making editing and altering embroidery designs a piece of cake.

The touch screen can enlarge, reduce, rotate, mirror, and combine embroidery designs easily. These easy-to-use functions increase the speed of your workflow significantly. Embroidery can be positioned quickly and accurately using the pointer with the light feature. In the home line of Brother, the wide embroidery area of 18 cm x 30 cm makes it one of the larger work areas. The corner and edge of the embroidered pattern should be aligned with two points on the square’s edges. Several functions are included in the jumper, such as moving through its 500 stitches promptly while breaking the thread.

With 200 well-crafted designs, 140 combinations, 3 embroidered Japanese letters, and 14 sources of letters to choose from when stitching or doing embroidery. Being a well-built and sturdy machine, the machine is ranked among the top models in production.

Lowering the fabric feed with integrated technology
Thread is automatically tensioned
Bobbin cover with a transparent surface
Manufacturer’s Warranty of 3 Years
1050 ppm is the maximum speed
Durability is not guaranteed
It is heavy and not portable

9. Janome Memory Craft 550E – Powerful Machine for Large Projects

janome mc 550e

The giant embroidery machine on the market is the Janome Memory Craft 550E. This behemoth comes with 180 built-in designs, 6 embroidery fonts, and the ability to add countless more via a USB or a direct connection to a PC. In addition, the machine comes with 2 & 3 monogramming fonts. The machine has a bright, colorful LCD that lets you adjust the designs efficiently, permitting you to resize, mirror, rotate, flip, drag, drop and combine embroidery designs.

The machine is also packed with features keeping the user-comfort insight. The Memory Craft 550E has an advanced needle threader, a bobbin thread sensor that displays the amount of thread remaining, and an easy set bobbin that makes it easy to replace the bobbin. Further, the automatic thread cutter comes into play when the machine detects a necessary colour change.

The embroidery area of the machine is 7.9″ x 14.2″, allowing large designs to be embroidered easily. Built with several features and capable of speeds of up to 860spm, this machine is extremely well built. Users can range from beginners to experts; this machine can accommodate any skill level.

A set of four embroidery hoops is included
Indicator of embroidery time and stitch included
Upper Thread Sensor & Bobbin Sensor
It is possible to embroider at 860 spm
A maximum of 200,000 stitches can be applied to a design
Not suitable for intricate small designs
Thread breaking happens slightly

10. Bernette 79 – Best for Unique Designs

Bernette 79

The bernette’s cutting-edge technology is expressed through its sleek and minimal design. It is the perfect blend of sewing and embroidering features. Displaying and selecting embroidery designs is easy using the 5-inch LCD touchscreen. 

This machine comes with 208 embroidery designs and 500 stitch patterns to start an embroidery project. This is not the only capability of the machine; custom designs can be added very easily using a USB stick.

One of the 3 hoops provided is used for the embroidery, and don’t worry; the embroidery module will detect which hoop size is selected. The 6″ x10″ embroidery size is big enough for most hobby sewers, even if it isn’t as large as some of the embroidery machine models on the market.

The machine is also loaded with comfort options, including advanced needle threading, an automatic thread cutter, a convenient drop-in bobbin hook. Best of all, this machine comes with 4 bright LEDs lighting up your sewing area. In addition to all these advantageous features, the machine also has thread sensors and an ECO mode which helps keep the electricity bill from skyrocketing.

Need any help? Not to fret, the Bernette 79 has you covered with easy embroidery tutorials available. Moreover, Bernette provides Bernina toolbox embroidery software free of cost with 300 embroidery motifs.

A built-in walking foot designed for use on multiple layers
Compatibilities with different file formats
A foot pedal that can be programmed
The bobbin is top-loaded with a rotary hook action
Presser feet of various types included
A bit pricey
It takes time to get started
The complex manual is not available

11. Janome Atelier 9 – Best Advanced Embroidery Machine UK

Janome Atelier 9

With the Atelier 9, you’re getting the newest and most advanced machine in the line. It allows you to sew and embroider at the same time. Stitch Tapering, one of its unique features, allows you to create decorative stitches for even greater detail. 

In order to achieve exceptional precision and power during stitching and quilting, this machine features the AcuFeed Flex system. The AcuFeed Flex system is now available in two different configurations. The AcuFeed feet sit on both sides ( top and bottom) of the fabric and advance it flawlessly.

The presser foot can be configured for each project for varying downward pressure. For example, if you are quilting free motion or using easily damaged fabric, useless foot pressure. By the same token, when sewing slippery fabrics, apply more foot pressure.

It comes with 11 buttonholes along with a 9mm wide style. To create a buttonhole, a unique foot is fitted with a button. The buttonhole on the machine is precisely sized using an electronic sensor on the machine. 

In addition to a compact embroidery unit, attachable embroidery units snap into the machine’s back panel to offer enormous and professional-looking style of embroidery. 

A layout for embroidering a corner
This machine has an integrated cutwork function
With Drop Feed, the dog is fed under the needle plate
Featuring 300 stitches with 8 lettering styles
It can be used either with or without a foot control
Designed exclusively for professionals


What is the best embroidery machine to start a business UK?

Innovis F440 offers a wide range of features, making it a good fit for beginners and professionals alike to start their embroidery business in the UK embroidery industry. You can access video tutorials and manuals to learn how to utilize these machines efficiently and effectively to expand your business. 

Is an embroidery business worth it?

Undoubtedly, embroidery is a profit-making business and will remain so for a long time. Affordable embroidery items are a significant factor behind profitability. Additionally, these low-cost embroidery and sewing machines provide a variety of features and are lightweight and take up less space to operate.   


The number of embroidery machines available in the UK market with rich features and accessories. Embroidery machines are expensive, but the price comes about the features offered. Embroidery machines can open doors to financial freedom for some people with the opportunity to start small businesses. Each machine reviewed above is equipped with many features that make embroidering a comfortable experience.

Still confused about which machine to get? I recommend Brother FS100WT and Brother Innovis F440. These machines are perfect, no matter your experience level. These machines can be used by experts and beginners alike. With the technology they possess, these selected models are sure to last a long time due to their superior performance. 

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