Top 15 Embroidery Business Ideas

If you believe that you have a creative mind and can create exciting and unique embroidery patterns, you can make a lot of money by utilizing your talent. Due to this business’s increasing demand and profitability, many new people are trying to establish embroidery businesses. For this purpose, they need diverse embroidery business ideas to excel in itNew entrants and those who have already established these businesses search for fresh and unique ideas to broaden their businesses. 

It’s not just the profitability that attracts the masses to the embroidery business. Still, it can be started quickly and is also a point of attraction for many. Most businesses in the contemporary world require a person to have a good know-how of technology. But this is not the case with the embroidery business. Anyone who knows a little about embroidery and is interested in it can polish their skills and become financially independent. 

One should be smart enough while starting an embroidery business. They should come up with something that is in demand yet unique. Since the market is highly competitive so figuring out the right idea can be a challenging job. 

Here, in this article, we will help you sail through this challenge. This article includes numerous embroidery machine business ideas. No matter if you view your business from an item speciality perspective or the vertical market perspective. We have got ideas for all. 

Let’s get started and see how you can make money! 

Embroidery Business Quick Fact Check 

Profit potential$54,000 to $126, 000 p.a.
Industry trendGrowing
Investment Range$2,000 to $20, 000
Time to build0-3 months
Revenue potential$68,000 to $315,000 p.a.

Embroidery Business Ideas For Vertical Market

If you are not clear on what is meant by vertical market, here is the answer. A vertical market indicates a general market. If your target is the general or vertical market, you will not focus on a specific niche like caps or shirts embroidery business. Instead, you will target a broad category, including infant garments. 

Embroidery Business Ideas for Specific Niche

Niche means you are not making products for a broader market; instead, you focus on a particular product. Nowadays, making specialized products is more common because it allows you to profit. This is because you can target a specific group of consumers. This, in turn, helps you to get a better idea of what exactly is their demand, what they expect from the product manufacturers and how much they are willing to pay. 

It would b best to choose the niche that best matches your creative skills. For example, the creativity required to make embroidered patterns on scrubs or lab coats is different from the skills needed to make fashion accessories.  These niche embroidery businesses can be started at home at a small level and can be expanded with time.

Here are some ideas that can give your business a boom. 

1. Pageant Market

You can make booster wear, embroidered sashes or even make stuff for decorative purposes of the event. All the sashes are customized, and each contestant wears a different sash. Moreover, the sashes are also differentiated based on their positions. In most cases, three sashes are designed for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions. It is worth noting that while making embroidery patterns, you will not be able to use any hoop. So to get a proper hold on the fabric and avoid improper tension, you should use the floating method. 

Not only sashes, but you can also make customized dresses or hats and even handmade bags for the contestants. Make sure whatever you make reflects quality and uniqueness. Your product should catch the limelight so that your business can get more orders and grow. 

2. Tourism Market 

It can be a very profitable industry. Several hotels and tour guide platforms get services from businesses to make customized uniforms, blankets, shirts, caps, towels and uniforms for the tour guides. 

3. Sports Speciality Items 

The sports teams of schools, colleges and clubs require uniforms and kit related items such as bags, towels, and flags. They also require things like bows for the cheerleading teams. Teams often make contracts with embroidery businesses to get these things made. Getting such an order means that you can make large profits. By putting in extra effort and creating perfect pieces, you can get more contracts and elongate the existing ones. Also, it will be an excellent addition to your portfolio. 

Every team wants diversity in the uniform. Such as, every member wants to have a unique number written on the shirt. If you believe that you have the skills required to make unique designs with an embroidery machine, then this market is good for you to work in. 

4. Pet Related Items 

Pet lovers are always ready to make their pets unique and stylish. You can make creative embroidery items for them. These items include doggie shirts, pet blankets, breed tees for the owner and others. 

5. Resort Market 

You can make customized robes, towels, beach towels and resort wear. Moreover, you can make polo shirts and uniforms for the staff. 

6. Corporate 

Companies need customized items like shirts, bags, daily/monthly and yearly planners, caps, etc., for marketing purposes. Suppose you can build good relations with several companies located in your area and successfully provide them embroidery services. Then you can get many new contracts from those firms. Not only this, it will help you build your name in the market. Therefore, new firms will also contact you for such projects. But to make this all happen, you should provide excellent work.

The corporate work is not yearly as some people might assume. But the firms keep on getting such services several times during the year. For example, some firms get new polo shirts for all those attending a particular meeting; such events keep on happening throughout the year. 

7. Medical

This includes making lab coats, scrubs and other related medical staff. You can increase your clientele by providing unique embroidery items. 

8. Fashion Market

It’s a very vast market and has a lot of ground to experiment with funky designs. You can make hair clips, belts, belts, handbags, wristbands, and more with creative designs. 

9. Wedding 

Yet again, this market is full of opportunities, and if you have a unique idea, then your business will indeed show exponential growth. You can design ring pillows, decor items for tables, gifts, and party sashes for brides and bridesmaids.

If you possess the proper skill set, you can even design a gown for the bride. Similarly, you can create various, unique products. Because if you do well in one wedding, it means you will get more clients. The wedding guests can be your next clients too! So impress everyone with your excellent work. In the wedding market, your cost will be way less than the profits you will earn. 

10. Infant Wear 

We know how parents love to see their kids in clothes specially made for them. The market for customized clothes for infants is growing day by day. You can take advantage of it too if you have good relations with a few mothers or mothers-to-be. Then you are already halfway through. The best part is that you don’t even have to think about the ideas, as mothers love to tell what sort of clothes, bibs, etc., they have imagined for their kids. Your job is to create beautiful embroidery pieces for moms. If you can impress only one mother, you will automatically get many new clients. 

No worries if you don’t know any moms yet. You can build connections online. This can be done 

by posting your kid’s embroidery related projects on online platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

11. Schools 

You can earn significant profits by making uniforms for schools. School uniforms can also get the contracts for sports uniforms, cheer, spirit wear, shorts, and letterman jackets. 

Make relations with different schools in your area. Initially, you might get a small project. Put your heart and soul into it. Give it your best. And once you are successful in producing high-quality products, it means you have made everything easier for you. Because your work will make you stand out and get new and bigger projects. 

12. Equine

This category includes saddles, blankets for horses, clothes for the riders and related clothing. Thus, creating exceptional embroidered items is an excellent way to get your name out there. 

13. Embroidered Pieces For Dance Studios 

Like sports teams, the teams in the dance studios also need uniforms. In addition to uniforms, the dancers also need duffle bags and hair bows. 

This market can give you big orders if you show creativity, as you can create different embroidery patterns for every dancer in the team. Like any business, this also requires you to build good relations with dance studios, and by giving them costumes tailored to their demands, you can make these relations long-lasting. This will let you earn money in the long run. Various companies have globally built reputation by doing so and setting an example. 

14. Embroidered Patches 

Embroidered patches are in trend and especially popular amongst youngsters. They use these patches on shirts, bags, and jackets. With these patches, they can express their style differently from others.

Unlike many other business ideas, you don’t have to stick to a particular set of designs while making these patches. You have the space to create various designs. They can either be funky, full of colors, cute or elegant. It just depends on what theme you are focusing on. Focusing on cartoon characters can be a good idea if you are making patches for school-going kids. On the other hand, if you produce patches for car racers, then making car patterns and different related designs can work well for you.

This idea also takes less time to make a large number of patches as the patches are small in size. Moreover, if you are an expert and customers are satisfied, you can get orders to make custom patches for them, and these customers will be willing to pay you a perfect amount of money in return. 

15. Merch

The idea of launching merch by celebrities and bands has recently gained popularity. These marches can include t-shirts, hoodies, and socks, and now, even masks are being launched because of the pandemic. 

People buy merchandise of a specific brand or a celebrity because they love them. It means they are willing to pay a comparatively higher price. We all know how crazy some fans are! You may gain new opportunities by stepping into it with a unique embroidery idea. 

Final Words 

These embroidery business ideas must have helped you. You can choose the most suitable one for you and start your business right away. You can also take these ideas as a guide and think of some out of the box, unique ideas.

Remember that though this market is highly profitable, at the same time, it is highly competitive. So you have to come up with something exciting. The marketing of your projects is as important as a good idea. Because if more people know about your brand, it means you will get more projects, provided that you consistently maintain the quality of your work.

The good thing about starting an embroidery business is that you do not need an extravagant setup or a very high investment. All you need is a good embroidery machine. You can get a reasonable commercial embroidery machine for under $12k. You’ll need supplies such as threads, hoops, needles, etc. and training for making embroidery. If you have all this, then the success of your business depends on your creativity, quality of work and pr (public relations). 


Is an embroidery business profitable?

Absolutely yes! The embroidery business is very profitable. Even if it is started on a small scale from home, it is fruitful. A significant reason behind the high profitability of the business is that the embroidery supplies are cheap. In this business, the thing that matters the most is your creativity. 

How much money can you make with an embroidery business? 

The amount of money you can make through your embroidery business depends on the type of project you’re working on and the level of your skills. But for a rough estimate, if you work for 8 hours a day, you can make $2000 per day, which is a perfect amount. 

How do I start my own embroidery business?

As the first step, search about the embroidery business market. Know the exact niche you will be working in. This will help you identify your potential customers. Now, buy an embroidery machine and find a supplier to get the supplies. Make sure that the supplier is reliable to never run out of supplies. Market your work. Also, create a website because, in this digital era, it is of paramount importance for your business to grow.