Embroik Scholarship Program

At Embroik.com, we have started an Embroik Scholarship Program whose primary objective is to promote education & students who have strong Creative Writing skills to impress the readers with their imagination, thoughts, or ideas.

The scholarship sponsors include the industry’s top sewing & embroidery professionals, whose contribution made it possible to launch this scholarship program.

Embroik Scholarship Program

Our First Scholarship Program

At Embroik.com are pleased to announce our first educational Embroik Scholarship to facilitate students who want to fulfill their goals.

This 1200$ yearly Scholarship will be provided to one(1) student to facilitate their education expenses.

This 1200$ Scholarship is a one-time scholarship awarded to only one student to meet their educational expenses. Moreover, the scholarship amount (tuition-only) will be sent directly to the financial office.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship’s primary purpose is to help students who couldn’t afford tuition fees for their studies.

Both Undergraduate & Graduate Students enrolled in a full-time degree program in any Graduate School, or Affiliated College can apply for the scholarship.

Moreover, Doctoral Students are also eligible to apply.

Application Process

The scholarship application process is super easy so that everyone can get the maximum benefit from it.

Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for the Scholarship Program.

  1. Write an essay of 500+ words on the topic “Creative Ways to Mend and Repair Clothes Using Embroidery“ You can get ideas related to the topic by reading other articles or can watch YouTube tutorials.

To get more idea about the content we are looking for, you can check our other articles posted on our website Embroik.com:

  1. All the applications should be sent to [email protected] in a Word Format via your academic email (or edu email address). 

Note: Applications with PDF files or files linked to Google Docs will not be accepted.

  1. Make sure your Name, University Name, Phone Number, and Email address should be mentioned in the scholarship application.
  2. Must be enrolled in a full-time degree program in any Graduate School or affiliated college.
  3. Ensure you should not provide any other information with the application other than mentioned in the application process.
  4. The written essay should be unique, creative, and provide accurate information to the readers.
  5. Your essay’s uniqueness will be duly checked through plagiarism software. Any application with copied or non-unique content will be instantly rejected. 
  6. After the scholarship application deadline, our team will manually read each article and declare the winner based on creative writing skills, imagination, and the value it provides to readers.

Note: Our team will manually review every article/application and select the winner on merit. The winner will be notified through an email address.

Privacy Policy for Scholarship

In our scholarship privacy policy, we ensure that your personal information, such as Name, University details, Phone Number, Email, etc., will not be shared outside and is safely utilized under our control for the Scholarship purpose only. 

Your personal information will not be shared with any 3rd party resource, but in the case of the submitted articles, Embroik has the right to use the articles where possible.

After applying for the Embroik Scholarship Program, you will be in favor of transferring rights or ownership of submitted content to Embroik.com, whether you are awarded the scholarship or not. Also, it’s up to Embroik.com to use the content where possible. 

The winner is only marked as final if he/she can provide his/her copy of student id, copy of tuition bill, copy of transcripts, etc.

Note: If the 1st winner cannot prove his/her enrollment of respective college or graduate school, then the 2nd winner who will meet the requirements will be declared as the winner.