Filling in some gaps.

We are doing some house cleaning and taking a look at our content (a lot of it needs to be revisited). We are also working on new engaging content. And, I am so excited to say that Embroik is now under new ownership!

Our latest guide this week is a how to on Bobbin Tension Adjustment. This is an important concept when you first getting started with embroidering.

Our most popular post this week on Google is for people looking for embroidery machines that work on patches.

Anyway, we are so glad you have taken the time to visit us!


I am an Embroidery & Sewing Enthusiast and a Professional Crafter having a strong passion since my childhood, and currently living in Maryland running my own Embroidery business. I love to write and share amazing tips and guides about sewing and embroidery with unbiased product reviews.