Brother PE800 Review

With the boom in the fashion industry, the demand for embroidery machines has increased. The primary reasons are ease of use, intelligent features, affordability, and more. Not to mention, embroidery machines have become essential equipment for every home. 

Besides the ordinary sewing machines, choosing a state-of-the-art embroidery machine is not a piece of cake. Besides the cost or quality, there are some additional characteristics that the chosen model should have. If you are looking for a top-notch embroidery machine, Brother PE800 might be your ideal choice. 

In fact, not all the embroidery machines are good, but Brother PE800 has a good reputation among the users. It’s highly reliable, well-liked by most customers, and equipped with the latest technology or circuitry. The advanced features ensure high precision, quality, and accurate performance. In short, you have endless opportunities and applications if you go for this top-notch embroidery machine. 

If you have selected a PE800 embroidery machine but are still confused while making the final decision, you are at the perfect spot. This guide is all about the Brother PE800 review, features, advantages, disadvantages, and everything you need to know. Let’s get deeper into the details!

Brother PE800 Review

Brother PE800 embroidery machine is a more specialized and affordable machine than other models. It features a lot of excellent characteristics that make the whole embroidery process easier. It’s pretty easy to set up, the overall operation is simple, and a perfect choice for professionals and beginners. 

Furthermore, the machine has a lot of characteristics that, of course, make your embroidery journey quick and more effortless. Decorating the cloth items is not a problem with this all-in-all unit. In detail, it’s the updated version of the Brother PE770 embroidery machine. The previous model also got a lot of positive reviews from the users. However, PE800 has earned more reputation than its last version, and people have used it for years. 

In actuality, it’s a dedicated machine to excellent embroidery work. Don’t forget that you can use it for regular sewing tasks; that’s a negative aspect of this machine. This machine is a top pick for those looking for a dedicated embroidery machine that intends to do incredible work. It is made to serve the specific job with high performance and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. 

Not only that, the machine is equipped with unique advanced features from basic-level embroidery work to every-level embroidery work. The most important aspect of the popularity of Brother PE800 is that it does all types of embroidery work with high perfection. 

All customers love how the machines are organized with a simple look and intelligent features. This advanced embroidery machine offers excellent performance and gives you an elegant piece of embroidery within seconds. If you don’t understand how to use it, you don’t need to worry about it. The brand has included an easy-to-understand manual with a machine. In short, this machine features all those characteristics that meet all your embroidery needs. 

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Accessories

Are you curious about the tools and other things that come with the Brother PE800 embroidery machine? Check out the list of accessories that the packaging contains:

  • 5″ x 7″ Embroidery hoop. 
  • Instructional manual. 
  • Embroidery foot. 
  • Dust cover
  • Four bobbins. 
  • Spool net. 
  • Basic needle set. 
  • Spool caps in various sizes (Mini and large). 
  • Cleaning brush. 
  • Scissors. 
  • Bobbin cover. 
  • Seam ripper. 
  • Screwdrivers. 

Did you notice that this model comes with some bonus accessories such as a dust cover, scissors, a cleaning brush, and more? The dust cover is high quality and keeps it away from dirt or dust when the machine is idle. Similarly, a cleaning brush is of high quality that is useful to clean the machine without any scratches. Lastly, the scissors are a plus which help you perform different tasks such as cutting, etc. 

Brother PE800 Key Specifications

Do you want to know the positive aspects of this embroidery machine in detail? Let’s look at key features in the following with a short description. 

Uncomplicated Bobbin Winding

The bobbin is an essential component of an embroidery machine. This model has an excellent bobbin winding system specially designed for beginners who don’t know much about using embroidery machines. 

The upper section of the machine has all the written instructions telling you how to use and thread the machine. This feature makes the threading pretty easier and quicker. Don’t forget that you don’t need to thread it. It will take care of all the procedure itself; you just need to follow the mentioned instructions. 

Large Working Area

Different embroidery machines have different working spaces. Here is good news for you PE800 has ample working space for embroidery work. Its size is 5″ x 7″ and is a good option for midsize to large-sized embroidery designs. Another benefit that you can relish is that you don’t need to rehoop several times performing embroidery tasks. 

Furthermore, you can easily handle an extra-large size embroidery design where the division of the cloth is impossible. You can adjust the same fabric in different small options, and easy hoop adjustment can handle large designs. It’s also a fact that you will rarely find an extra-large design for your clothing. Usually, medium to large-size embroidery work is most common. 

Adequate Speed

It might look odd, but the speed of producing embroidery designs matters a lot. In this term, PE800 has a moderate speed. In actuality, it’s not the highest speed brother machine but offers a pretty decent speed to make medium to large embroidery designs. The stitching speed of PE800 is 650 stitches per minute, and you can decrease it according to the embroidery design complexity. 

In our experience, 650 stitches per minute are not the fastest, but it’s still faster than many embroidery machine models. Another reason is that no other machine has such a good speed with a low price tag. The LCD display lets you keep track of stitching speed that you can easily adjust. Practically, you can easily embroider a large logo within 10 minutes with it. 

Furthermore, it’s an ideal choice for beginners who want to polish their embroidery skills. It consists of the characteristics of beginners and experienced professionals. All the adjustments are easy to make, and it has all the beginner to advanced-level features according to your requirements. 

Built-in Embroidery Designs

This innovative embroidery machine comes with plenty of built-in embroidery designs. This top-notch embroidery machine has 138 built-in patterns where each design is unique. The designs include holiday, floral, decorative, and many other elegant patterns. Another noteworthy point is that 26 of the 138 patterns here feature floral designs. Not only that, you can download or use hundreds of more designs as it consists of large built-in memory. 

Moreover, PE800 offers high customization. Yes, you can edit, rotate, mirror, increase size, decrease the size, or perform many editing options to any design. If you don’t know how to use those designs, the 4th and 5th page consists of a complete guide about them. If you want to read more about the design, visit page 18 in the manual. You will be guided thoroughly about the needle types and estimated time to perform a specific embroidery task. The included CD comes with 15000 beautiful built-in designs to offer you diverse choices. 

Likewise, the 11 built-in font styles are a plus to personalize the designs. Those fonts are available in three languages such as 7 English fonts, 3 Japanese fonts, and 1 Cyrillic font. If you are still stuck on how to use them, browse the internet. If not, you can consult the included manual to learn. 

The features do not end here. It comes with ten different frame shapes having 14 unique border patterns. The frame patterns are square, circle, rectangle, heart shapes, octagons, and many other shapes. 

Software Type

The PE800 machine does not come with any special software, and you need to set it up completely. Amazon, Etsy, and other websites offer software for this model. The most helpful software is Hatch embroidery, embrilliance, SewArt, etc. However, you can get a free trial of almost all software if you want to learn about this machine. 

If you don’t want to invest anything, you can enjoy the free software, for example, Ink/Stitch software. Don’t forget to check the software compatibility with PE800 before availing it. It’s always better to read the reviews about free software before installing your machine. 

Editing Functions

What do people like about an embroidery machine? Yes, the built-in functions increase the reputation of an embroidery machine. Brother PE800 embroidery machine offers incredible editing functions making your editing work a breeze. You can edit designs and track how the stitches are converted into a beautiful design through the screen. In short, you can observe how a design starts from the beginning. 

In addition, you can add or eliminate different embroidery patterns to create designs according to your needs and requirements. You can edit or customize the option by tapping on a high-quality touch screen. Choose from pre-installed fonts, select the design, and it’s all done. 

Not only that, use the built-in memory to import your customized designs into the machine. A USB drive can help you at this spot. Similarly, changing pattern size, combining different patterns, changing thread colors, and other customization is not an issue. If you don’t know how editing functions work, the pre-installed guide will help you. Moreover, you can also help by watching the tutorials if you face any problems. 

High-Resolution LCD Screen

Brother PE800 comes with a high-resolution and large 3.2-inches LED touch screen display. The LEC is colorful, which gives you a realistic view of each embroidery design. The sensitivity is at its highest to make the operation easier. In our experience, using the LCD screen is a piece of cake, and you will like it due to its quality. 

In actuality, it’s one of the main components of this machine as you control all the functions from here. You can manage different operations such as design rearrangement, selection, editing, automatic work, and other exciting features. 

Besides functions, the touchscreen is high quality, and every crystal is absolutely clear. Whether you want to use curve letters or monogram design, everything is possible with it. When you scroll the screen, you will find the preinstalled design, fonts, and other exciting features such as mirror images, size alterations, etc. 

Free Movement For Quilt & Applique

This embroidery machine is a multitasking machine and can perform quilting tasks perfectly. However, you first need to download the quilting designs as the device does not offer pre-installed designs. In our opinion, it’s not a big deal, and you can do it with an important design on a USB drive. While quilting, lower the feed dogs, and the PE800 machine is ready to perform free-motion quilting tasks. 

Users find this function helpful, and it helps you get elegant embroidery work in a short period. The automatic functions, speed, and free movement for quilting & applique make this machine loved by everyone. 

Illuminated Working Work

Embroidery work needs focused detail, and an illuminated working area is a perfect solution. The lightning reveals every piece of the embroidery work to get your desired results. The PE800 has a perfect bright working space that you can adjust according to your needs and requirements. The LED lights are placed at different positions to ensure light is everywhere. The lights not only illuminate the work area, but you can also observe the needlework as it’s also lit perfectly. 

Brother PE800 Review about Automatic Features

With the advancement of technology, brands have started to add intelligent features to embroidery machines. Brother PE800 is also a masterpiece from the Brother brand, having several autonomous features due to intelligent circuitry. Let’s look at the signification automatic embroidery characteristics of this incredible machine.

Automatic Needle Threader 

Just like expensive embroidery machines, PE800 also features automatic needle threaders. It’s extremely easy to use, even if you are a beginner at it. It’s a helpful feature for people whose eyesight is weak or time-saving for everyone. You don’t need to mess with the thread all the time, as the machine will take care of it. It will easily pass the thread through the tiny hole of the needle. 

Do you know how this feature works? The operation is simple as it utilizes a small lever to fetch and pass the thread through the needle’s hole. It was added to help people whose eyesight is weak or who want to work quickly. If you don’t like to use it, you can manually thread the needle. 

Built-in Thread Trimmer

As PE800 has many excellent features, a built-in thread trimmer is also at the top due to ease. If you aren’t an expert in trimming the thread, this characteristic is for yourself. You don’t need to cut the threads to complete a project, as you can do it with an automatic thread trimmer. It not only makes your task easier but also quicker. 

Automatic Thread Cutter

Like a thread trimmer, automatic thread cutters help you cut the thread without effort. It’s completely automated, and a pair of sharp scissors cut the thread within a moment. Each thread is cut easily and quickly as you sew them across the embroidery fabric. 

Important Aspects About Brother PE800

PE800 is a top-notch machine famous for its quality embroidery work and excellent features. Besides, there are some facts that you must know about this incredible machine. It’s not a multi-thread embroidery machine, so you can’t make multi-thread embroidery tasks. It only works with a single thread for all types of stitching work. 

Do you know what issue you have to face? You always need to change the thread to produce multi-color embroidery designs. If you don’t know how to change the thread, read the instruction guide for it. You can easily change the thread using the touchscreen commands regarding the thread-changing process. 

In the same way, almost all the functions are automatic and controlled by a touchscreen. Thread-changing is the only manual process. The reason is that in automatic embroidery machines, there are no options for foot pedals. The touchscreen, buttons control every operation, and a thread trimmer knob to simplify things. 

Here we want to suggest something important to you. You should not begin stitching at full speed when you are a noob; it may ruin your embroidery. You should start stitching slowly and increase the speed gradually with experience. 

Advantages of Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

Everything brings some benefits for the users, which is valid for the PE800 embroidery machine. For your ease, we have shared the most significant advantages in the following:

Ease of Use

Simplicity and ease of use matter a lot in embroidery tasks because it’s compulsory to focus on embroidery work and leave the other tasks on the machine. Here is the good news: PE800 is a pretty easy-to-use machine for beginners and professionals. You will not find an issue even in the setup. 

First, thread the machine and choose what operation you want to perform with a sensitive LCD screen. Check the tension, pick up the right size for your design, finalize it, and do it for the embroidery task. Just press the “Start” button, and your embroidery work will be ready within a few minutes. 

Easy to Set Up

Some machines are good at embroidery work, but they are challenging to set up. There is no such scene with PE800, as it’s pretty easy to get started with it. The automatic needle threader, sensitive touchscreen, level, and other simple functions. Set the whole machine within a few minutes and enjoy beautiful embroidery tasks. 

To help you set up the machine, a clean instruction manual is included in the packaging. Plus, the manual is available in two different languages to offer you extra features. The brand keeps the manual updated with each latest model. 

Versatile Embroidery Machine

Everyone wants ease while embroidery and PE800 is a highly versatile machine. You don’t need to limit the simple designs, but you can stitch complex designs for your clothing. The machines perform all these tasks correctly and without any error. 

In detail, the 138 built-in designs make this machine versatile and stand out from the market. The editing features, numerous combination development, and other functions make it versatile and reliable. You can rotate, change the size, or add or drop a design to get the perfect stitch. In the end, the import functionality for designs has endless personalization. 

Disadvantages of Brother PE800 

Nothing is perfect in the world, which is valid for embroidery machines. Every embroidery machine has some downsides that are important to share with you. Check out the important negative points of Brother PE800 in the following:

Not a Sewing Machine

PE800 is only an embroidery machine not suitable for sewing-related tasks. You can perform functions like a traditional sewing machine, such as sewing on a button, putting a piece of apparel together, hem a pair of pants, and more. If you are looking for only an embroidery machine, it might be your ideal choice. 

A bit Expensive

If we compare it with other embroidery machines, it’s a bit expensive. In our opinion, it is worth its price as it has many incredible features. However, the price sometimes varies on online marketplaces such as Amazon, but we are talking about this article’s current price for you. Its prices are high due to the excellent features such as a high-quality touchscreen, digital editing, LED lighting, and quiet working. 

FAQs About Brother PE800

Is the brother PE800 worth it?

Brother PE800 comes with many excellent features, quality build and is suitable for beginners and professionals. In our experience and according to customer reviews, this machine is worth the money you spend. Also, it’s a dedicated embroidery machine. 

Has the Brother PE800 been discontinued?

Brother PE800 is a top-notch and quality embroidery machine. It’s one of the most loved machines due to its incredible features. However, the Brother PE800 has not been discontinued; you can buy it at the best price. 

Can you sew with the Brother PE800?

Remember that Brother PE800 is a dedicated embroidery machine, and it’s not a traditional sewing machine. It means you can only perform the embroidery tasks with it. If you want, you have to buy another device. 

When was the Brother PE800 made?

Brother PE800 is a famous embroidery machine model, and it’s the upgraded model of PE770. It was first launched on April 16, 2018, and has dimensions of 21.75 x 19.02 x 19.09 inches. The manufacturer has not discontinued it till now. 

What size hoop comes with brother PE800?

The hoop size of the Brother PE800 embroidery machine is 5″ x 7″. This size is suitable for medium to large-size embroidery work. If you want extra-large embroidery, you need to divide it into sections. In short, it’s ideal for all types of home embroidery work. 

Brother PE800 Review – Final Verdict

To sum up, we have shared all the details about the machine in our Brother PE800 review. After analyzing the usage, features, pros, cons, and other aspects, we recommend this intelligent machine for beginners and professionals. It has plenty of positive reviews due to its ease of use and versatility. We hope you won’t regret your experience with it. 

I am an Embroidery & Sewing Enthusiast and a Professional Crafter having a strong passion since my childhood, and currently living in Maryland running my own Embroidery business. I love to write and share amazing tips and guides about sewing and embroidery with unbiased product reviews.